Why it’s So Hard to Eat Healthy

The Choice
The Choice

The Choice

Oh the stories that abound about how hard it is to eat healthy…

When we healthy eaters hear them; in one way we are bewildered by how easy it actually is to eat healthy and at the same time, we have to remember that the person who is struggling is under the influence of hidden forces that we too suffered from at one point and are now free of. If we forget that, we lose sight of why people need help with changing the way they eat so they too will find eating healthy as easy as it can be.

Really, it is not hard to eat healthy, and once you understand how, it can be as predictably pleasurable, enjoyable and convenient as the way you are currently eating right now. Whole foods from nature were the original fast foods any way and before we had all this unnatural foods, we were all eating healthier.

Grown from nutrient rich soils (and yes our soil is still nutrient rich) nutrient rich foods are healthy, and great tasting because they are naturally nutrient rich. No chemist on the planet can duplicate the flavor of an orange, especially organic!

So why is it so hard to eat healthy and change your eating habits? Well, there isn’t just one answer. It’s because most people’s heads are filled with false information that confuse us as to what’s really healthy and why, but also for a series of other reasons that many are not aware of because the conversation around food, is usually about the food itself, and not all the other factors that are essential in making a change or what we call the ‘nutrition transition.”

It’s called the Nutrition Transition.

Failure to understand how to make a transition and interpret the process when it comes to nutrition will ensure you get tripped up and diet trapped by forces that are vested in your current eating habits from Dr’s to Pharma to food addicted friends, to convenience stores and media ad dollars and junk food companies to politicians who are bought and paid for by the meat, dairy and cola lobbyists.

As if that weren’t enough…

Here are 10 reasons why changing the way you eat and eating healthy can be so hard. 

  1. The Dietary Pleasure Trap. When you strip nutrients out of a whole foods and abnormally concentrate the pleasure stimulating chemicals, you hijack your taste buds, stimulate dopamine in the brain and get a super normal hit of pleasure. This is addiction and food is no exception.

  2. If you don’t have at least a basic nutritional education, you will be prey for anyone who thinks they do, but really doesn’t. 80% of what you need to know and learn is what you don’t need to do anymore, not what you need to do.Plus, that education had better be in high nutrient density nutrition, not the nutrient-poor nutritional practices we learn, that are influenced by economics and politics, supplement or product sales alone, or weight loss-only diet or tradition, or some ulterior motive that maintains the status quo. Even convenience and great taste (both of which are also leading drivers for eating nutrient rich foods) are used to guide nutritional guidelines and practices for many people who are lead astray. See the Vicious Cycle of Eating Nutrient Poor at the bottom of this page. 

  3. The time it takes to get this information and understanding if they are fortunate to be getting advice from the right people.

  4. Making a nutrition transition from predominantly nutrient poor, high addictive, highly stimulating foods to predominantly nutrient rich, non-addictive not-as-stimulating foods may not be exciting at first; you might actually feel uncomfortable as your body goes through a process of detoxification from the unhealthy foods and diets you’ve been eating for a long period of time.

  5. Your digestive track may need to adjust, as it may be used to low fiber, nutrient poor foods. Load it up with high fiber nutrient rich foods and you’ll start experiencing a level of function you are not used to.

  6. Holidays, eating rituals, and habits (routines) also begin to change and that requires social adjustment.

  7. Shopping, preparing, organizing and eating out change

  8. Pressures from family members who are not yet on board.

  9. A poorly planned transition strategy, with unrealistic expectations, focused on weight loss only, and not on the 7 healthy success results in their order of importance – detoxification, health improvement, increased energy, natural weight loss, lifestyle-induced disease reversal, slower aging and a younger look, and a longer life.

  10. Other hidden lifestyle challenges that hold you back such as low energy, overwhelm, lack of inspiration… and ultimately EGO.

So, as you can see there is more to changing the way you eat than meets the eye that can explain why it’s so hard to eat healthy. Resolve these issues thoroughly and evolve with new thoughts and lifestyle skills and you will achieve your goals with amazing quality of life.

Begin making the Switch to Nutrient Rich healthy eating, today.

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