16 Reasons You May Need To Take Supplements Even Though You Are Eating Nutrient-Rich Superfoods?

Aren’t all the nutrients you need already in the foods you are eating? Basic logic would say that a nutrient-rich, Superfoods diet should give you all the nutrients you need to succeed.

We believe that is virtually true, given not all nutrients come from the foods you eat, but in reality, it doesn’t always play out that way, even if you  chewed your food better to get even more nutrients.

We don’t subscribe to the myth that our soils are so depleted that you need to live on supplements. Yes, organic farming is much better, and according to many the nutrients available in organically grown foods are far superior and more plentiful, but if you can’t get organically grown produce, you’ll still do fine with the conventionally grown kinds, in some of the incredibly rich farmlands we have in the US and around the world, and be far better off than if you were not eating a variety of vegetables, fruits, beans, and nuts and seeds. 

So, the question begs to be asked, why would you need any form of supplements when you are eating a healthy diet of nutrient-rich superfoods?

Here are the top 16 situational reasons why supplemental essentials make senses.

  1. When you have special situations like dealing with an ultra picky child who is not used to eating better food because of prior eating habits.
  2. When there is a crisis situation, such as ultra high cholesterol and you want a natural way to aid dietary improvement in reducing your cholesterol faster.
  3. If you’re not yet eating nutrient rich in a predominant way, you may want to supplement with a discerning multivitamin or whole food nutritional product.
  4. If you have a deficiency or low nutrient levels, for unusual/medical reasons, or due to the consequences of your previous usual diet as an adult.
  5. You are completely vegan and need to supplement vitamin B12
  6. If your diet style does not provide diversity.
  7. If you don’t get enough sun in northern climates or are not in the sun long enough, or keep washing off the vitamin D production in your skin, in the shower. Learn more about Vitamin D here. 
  8. In some cases for athletic performance reasons.
  9. When you’re in transition from nutrient poor to nutrient rich, your gastrointestinal track is adapting and you want to prevent the failure to thrive. 
  10. You are used to refined, super stimulating foodstuffs and need to initially add a powder to your smoothie for a more refined and familiar taste– berry, vanilla etc.
  11. Allergy situations.
  12. Digestive disorders, or when you are restoring intestinal gut flora (bacteria)
  13. If you simply want assurance.
  14. If your blood test from a competent doctor says so; for examples the need for essential micronutrients, B 12, or Vitamin D, Zinc, iodine or selenium.
  15. If you are not producing or eating enough long chain omega three fatty acids or don’t want to eat polluted fish that are also high in animal protein, cholesterol and saturated fat, just so you can get DHA and EPA.

… you see there are reasons for supplementation. If you would like to know how to ensure you’ll get essential supplementation like vitamin D into your diet everyday look no further than Superfood Infusions

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