Win The War on Cancer

The Bad News: We All Have Cancer One of the most common public misconceptions about cancer is that people assume that if their doctor gives them a clean bill of health, that they don’t have cancer.  Right?  Wrong. The truth is that all of us have microscopic cancers growing in our bodies all the time. …

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More Plants–Less Cancer

The skin cancer you die of at 50, may have been because of a teenage sun burn you had when you were a kid. And those who eat dairy, cheese and yogurt (which are lacking phytonutrients to protect and repair damages cells) may have two and half times the risk of skin cancer, whereas greens, particularly dark green leafy greens cuts the risk by 50%.

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Fighting breast cancer with flaxseeds

By Joel Fuhrman M.D.  What are lignans? Plant lignans are one of the four classes of phytoestrogens (isoflavones, lignans, stilbenes, coumestans), phenolic compounds that are structurally similar to the main mammalian estrogen, estradiol.1 Plant lignans are modified by bacteria in the human digestive tract into enteroligans. It is important to recognize the role of healthy …

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Cruciferous vegetables are anti-cancer foods

One of the most powerful reasons why Nutrient Rich Nutrient Excellence is so effective, is because your body is actually getting the nutrients, specifically the micronutrients it needs to function and perform successfully and if it can function and perform well, it can stay healthy and free of lifestyle-induced diseases. Nutrition scientists have shown over …

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