Dear Nutrient Rich Superfoods

Dear Daniel,

We trust you received your product order from Nutrient Rich Superfoods?
We would like to follow up with you on your experience.

John and Mariahna, and the Nutrient Rich Team

Yes, indeed.  I actually brought the whole lot of them with me to Los Angeles where my wife has a temporary corporate apartment compliments of Walt Disney Imagineering.  She joined WDI in February at a high level and is working to establish their new Asia Regional Office which means we will be relocating to Hong Kong around April of 2016.

I LOVE the product so far ~ still haven’t sampled all three Superfood Infusions.  But I’m anticipating that Strawberry Banana Beet / and Pomegranate Cocoa will be every bit as wonderful as as the Apple Mango Kale is!  I’ll update you in a couple of days regarding my experience with the other flavors and will be sharing them with some friends back in New Orleans that are likely customers.

I’ll also be glad to send a selfie / pic with me and the new products as your colleague Mariahna Suzan had requested.  I simply haven’t gotten to that point yet.

I’m very excited to have the product in my lifestyle arsenal for optimal living. I absolutely plan to take a case with me when I head back to India in November, and am already strategizing for getting the product to Hong Kong next year.

So far it’s everything I had hoped it would be and more!  The flavor blends and ingredients are perfect in my opinion.

Wishing you massive success with getting the product out to the largest possible group of customers, and promise to do my part in advancing the same.

Be Well,

Daniel C. Dreher

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