Nutrify, Detoxify and Lose Weight Naturally by Eating Healthy, Not Dieting

I don't dietPeople all over the world are waking up to the fact that when they nutrify and detoxify their body by eating healthy they will lose weight naturally, get incredibly healthy and live free from lifestyle-induced diseases.

People want to age slower and look younger for longer too, and they are accomplishing this by making the Switch from eating predominantly nutrient-poor to eating up to 90% or more plant-based, nutrient rich foods and the reason is simple…

the results that everybody wants can only be achieved by eating the world’s best and healthiest “superfoods.

It’s not enough to simply eat a little bit healthier. If you really want the results everybody is talking about then you need to eat healthy, and healthy foods nutrify and detoxify your body and ultimately result in a “nutrient rich body” that is free from craving unhealthy foods, healthy with high level of naturally occurring energy, happy to eat and fit, for life!

But that’s not what happens for most people who are eating “healthier”; they are simply eating a healthier version of the SAD Standard American (Western) Diet. They stay stuck in a vicious cycle of eating significant amounts of micronutrient poor animal products, and / or refined foods, with added salt, oil and sugar… even if they don’t eat meat and never really achieve the promise. This keeps them food addicted, and does not lead to healthy weight loss or much weight loss at all, and right back to eating the SAD they go.

When they inevitably gain even more weight, with no confidence in healthy eating, they start dieting again, seeking ever more crazy ways to induce weight loss. It’s no wonder the dieting industry has become a $50 billion dollar keep-you-stuck-and-never-solve-the-problem-industry; even eating “healthier” isn’t really healthy!

Here at Nutrient Rich Life, we do not suggest people eat healthier as a solution. Healthier is always a given; it’s what happens naturally even when you’re eating More Plant Based Nutrient Rich, nutrify and detoxify your body. What we show you how to do is how to eat “nutrient rich”, guided by The 5 Golden Rules of Healthy Eating.

Now we’re talking success!


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