Here’s How We Create Vegetable Rich Meals in 5 Minutes!



This is one the realities of Superfood Eating. Nutrient Rich foods are actually easy to eat, easier than you can possibly imagine if you don’t get too idealistic how you eat. Many people think that unless the food is from a farmers market, locally picked within hours, and then prepared perfectly they are going to be compromising the way they eat. This is not true.

Part of the reason why this eating style is possible today is the fact that thousands of people are making it possible for us by picking, freezing, and packaging these foods for super quick & easy access and preparation.

For example: There are these new steam in bags of vegetables that deliver cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and Brussels sprouts, spinach and green beans, peas and edamame (soy beans). These are microwavable which is quite safe, with the only risk that you could quickly overcook foods if you are not careful.

These only take 5 minutes!

In this quick & easy dish, for a quick lunch we microwaved some broccoli which is so tasty, add in a bag of broccoli and carrot slaw, put some almonds on top, and topped it off with Sapota Slices for a sweet taste (chicoo in Hindu). It was a total concoction. No recipe in this case and it was great!

Rich in nutrient rich protein, satisfying, as calorie dense as needed, and sweet at the same time. Learning how to put meals together with a green base, with more calorie dense foods added in, some seasoning or something sweet is a great skill to have. I think the key is making it up and being confident to just mix up whole foods that have thousands of nutrients in them, into the mixes with the tastes and textures you like.

This took me about 7 minutes to prepare. Easy for the office, or home.

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