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You see, this picture, that = diabetes. Even with the token grapes on the side!

Recently I had an experience with Dr Fuhrman than once again solidified my certainty that there is no better value for health and nutritional excellence on the entire Internet than DrFuhrman’s Members Support.

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I was working with a client who has type 2 diabetes who I sent to DrFuhrman’s member site. Here’s some of the dialogue from the member center.

And I might I point out, this advice, which is just the tip of the iceberg and certainly not limited to someone who has diabetes, is less then ten bucks a month. Go and find a doctor of Dr Fuhrman’s caliber who will even know you exist for that, let alone give you life changing answers to your question.

Here was the exchange.

From: Dr. Fuhrman [ Joel Fuhrman M.D]
Sent: Thursday, August 20, 2009 6:08 AM

Hi Cindy,

Yes, I think endocrinologist are dangerous and starting a type two diabetic on insulin when diet and exercise could have lowered the glucose and the weight is malpractice.
Insulin causes weight gain, worsens the diabetes, promotes vulnerable plaque and takes a person at borderline risk if heart attack or stroke and makes them high risk. This has already be demonstrated in various studies to increase death rate. I am so glad you have decided not to take it and to solve the real problem instead. If you made a drastic switch and your glucose skyrocketed, then you did not do what I recommend. That is why I have the member forum, so you can communicate with me to prevent errors and customize the recommendations to your needs to assure success.

In the Ask The Doctor forum, show me what medications you are taking, what exercise you do, voice your concerns there, write out your proposed diet for me to tweak and explain more and let’s get started on the road to becoming non-diabetic. Looking forward to the exciting opportunity to working with you and helping you conquer these health challenges.


Dr Fuhrman

From: Cindy
Sent: Wednesday, August 19, 2009 10:12 PM
To: ‘Dr. Fuhrman’
Cc: ‘John Allen Mollenhauer’
Subject: My Diabetes

Dr. Fuhrman:

Do you think that if my endocrinologist thought I would have a heart attack or stroke by starting me on insulin that she ever would have given it to me?

I happen to be a professional writer who has a tremendous desire to research everything. That makes me a very informed consumer/patient. I spent the first 44 years of my life without an ailment and have spent the last 4 years waking up every day in pain and worried about some new condition that has been thrust upon me. Asking for help is, by far, the hardest thing I have ever had to do. So the questions I ask, I do not ask out of idle curiosity. I ask them to gain insight from someone who knows far more than I on the subject, and to better understand a condition or circumstance.

I have opted to stop the insulin because of my unwillingness to be dependent on it and the fear of what it will do to my body. My focus is now 100% on my eating regimen, uncovering what can and will turn my condition around, and making the required changes a permanent part of my life. However, when you have very few good days, a drastic dietary change can only make that situation worse. The last time I made a drastic switch to the diet you recommend, my blood sugar skyrocketed to over 450 and almost put me in the hospital. Thus, my resistance is not a resistance to the change: it is out of fear that I could have a repeat of what happened before – which no one could explain!

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This exchange, is invaluable, and probably just changed Cindy’s life, you can count on DrFuhrman giving it to you straight. If you haven’t read Eat for Health, today’s your day to start.

John Allen Mollenhauer

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