Nutrient Density is the Key to Good Healthy Eating Plan

There are reasons why Nutrient is aligned with Dr. Fuhrman’s nutritional guidelines which we have coined “The Gold Standard”.

First, I discovered Dr Fuhrman 20 years ago before the world knew who he was, in the most unlikely of places, at a most unlikely time. As a 245 pound body builder who was eating 30 eggs a day and at least one chicken, along with white rice and a token veggie on the side (nutrient poor)… in a world that was as foreign to “good health” as one could be.

I was in my gym (I owned a gym called Olympia at the time) and learned of an organization called the American Natural Hygiene Society. Now called the National Health Association.I’ll tell that story in greater detail in another post.

A rag mag about health found it’s way into my gym (strangely) and it just blew me a way. It made sense! Mind boggled by a sense of clarity about healthy eating like I had never experienced before, I took a trip to an event to learn more. It was then and there that I was introduced to a whole new world of health information and one of the guys leading the charge was Dr. Fuhrman. Needless to say, I did not feel healthy, living and eating the way I was, so I opened my mind and the rest was history.

Within 1 year, I lost 75 pounds and literally rebuilt my body. Only this time with a healthy eating plan, I build my body healthy! I don’t recall exactly what Dr Fuhrman was talking about when I first met him, but it (the knowledge) was very convincing, and surely what he said was a precursor to the kind of wisdom you’ll learn from Dr Fuhrman yourself starting now with this video above on nutrient density.

When it comes to a healthy eating plan, focusing on the nutrient density of your diet is the key to good health. The nutrient density of your food is not the only reason that determines what you eat or why, but from a standpoint of knowing you have a healthy eating plan, it starts which understanding nutrient density and Dr. Fuhrman is the expert many experts like me, learn from.

Today, that’s why, is all about this new trend in eating for health, performance and natural weight loss. Nutrient density is the most fundamental concept of nutrition and Dr. Fuhrman’s nutritional education and guidance on the subject is second to no one. He is the leader in the nutrient rich revolution.

Nutrient Density is the concept you want to learn. It IS the key to good health.
Have a listen and come to your own conclusions.

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