Dr. Fuhrman’s 2011 Health Getaway.

It's that time again…

This coming Sunday, I am leaving for Dr. Fuhrman's 2011 Health Getaway. At least one of my vacations each year is a health getaway of some sort, now usually Dr. Fuhrman's.

There are a few reasons why I getaway this way.

1) I find that once every quarter I need to rejuvenate myself. If I don't, I find myself experiencing personal energy debt which is when you have overspent your vital energy and need to break the pattern of your life and get's lots of sleep, rest, recovery and ultimately rejuvenation so that one becomes renewed. It helps me fully recharge, and renew my outlook and spirit.

2) At least once a year, I enjoy doing this in a combined learning and vacationing environment like Dr. Fuhrman's Health Getaway. It's just the right balance between lectures, exercise, events, and the leisure time I need to to get the benefits I'm really seeking most which is rejuvenation.

One of my primary aims this year is to continue eating when I'm hungry despite the fact that there will be food 3 times per day in amazing abundance. I recently took off a stubborn 20 lbs, just by applying this principle which is only possible when you have a 90% or More Plant Based, Nutrient Rich eating plan.

A little background:

I may be a nutrition education trainer, and lifestyle coach/trainer, but I too have aspects of the lifestyle that I have to work on regularly. In my case, it's eating for the right reasons. When I was first learning Nutrient Rich Healthy Eating, I wanted to try everything. I found it so exciting to experience a new way of eating that I found I was overeating often.

Then when I would face very challenging periods, I would eat incredibly healthy still, but I would eat to cope with stress…not because I was hungry, and so on. You could call this emotional eating.

And to boot, when I am faced with pre-prepared foods in such a healthy environment, historically I would suffer from what I coined as "last supper syndrome". It says, that just because the food is there and I have paid to eat it, that I must eat it. As if there will never be another chance to immerse myself in such healthy eating, or that I'm never going to get the chance to eat again". It is a syndrome and one that I have a fairly good track record in recent times in my life of not falling into. But lord knows, I know I'm still susceptible, like a drunk in a bar, because of all that memory I have despite the fact that I have changed the stories that used to drive me a little crazy, and resolved many of the issues that would give rise to anxiety and stress in my life.

So this year, I am going into what will be an incredible week, knowing that, and very aware of my lifestyle choices so that I come back in optimal healthy and still living at or near my ideal weight. Besides a meal or two, 😉 I'm going to leave every meal feeling satisfied but feeling like "I don't even have a stomach". In other words, I will not be overwhelmingly full. If I can feel my stomach, I probably ate too much.

Here are some photo's from last year.

Take a look at the foods and you'll know why this is a challenge for most people, including me!

I'll be posting some video's and pictures throughout the entire experience and I hope to see you there and or next year!

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