Nutrient Rich Superfoods Solves the Fast Healthy Food Challenge

Nutrient Rich® Superfoods Solves the Fast Healthy Food Challenge with Launch of Superfood Infusions

Livingston, NJ. Feb 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Nutrient Rich® Superfoods, a leading a natural food products and nutritional educational company, has announced the launch of its new line of grab-and-go superfood smoothies—and they’re already winning awards.

With this launch, Nutrient Rich is expanding its company—and its leadership in the emerging nutrient-rich “superfood” revolution—and setting the bar high for premium grab-and-go adult snack foods.

The brand-new Superfood Infusions are delicious organic superfood smoothies made with real fruits and vegetables—plus chia seeds and Vitamin D & B12.

These pure, organic, non-GMO snacks contain no preservatives and no artificial flavors—just nutrient- and fiber-rich food with essential supplements in a convenient flexible pouch that needs no refrigeration.

“It’s like getting a fresh homemade smoothie without the preparation, mess, or cleanup, especially when you don’t even have time to make a smoothie!” says creator John Mollenhauer, CEO of Nutrient Rich Life and someone committed to healthy eating and performance living.

The initial Superfood Infusions line of Daily Essentials offers three outstanding, sophisticated and nutrient-packed flavors to start:

  1. Mango Apple Kale
  2. Bananas, pomegranate, cocoa
  3. Strawberry Banana, beets and plum. 

Nutrient Rich® Life is a natural food products and educational company that inspires, educates and supports people in eating more plant-based, nutrient-rich food. The company’s mission is to help busy, active people nourish, detoxify, stabilize and strengthen themselves and optimize their healthy, high-performance lives—through education as well as superior natural products.

Superfood Infusions™ were conceived as a solution for on-the-go-healthy eating—to ensure that no matter how fast we’re moving, we don’t have to compromise on nutrition, health, taste or convenience.

Nutrient Rich® Life founder John Allen Mollenhauers’ desire to eat at an unusual trip to a drugstore led to a search for something decent, an impulse purchase of organic baby food in a pouch—and an “aha” moment when he realized how this concept could be a breakthrough in healthy eating for adults.

Even the most informed people with the highest standards and best intentions often default to less healthy options when busy or low on energy; but when you succeed in those time and energy-squeezed periods of the day, usually the rest of your diet follows suit.

Nutrient Rich® Life decided to gear its business toward solving this rampant modern nutritional challenge.

Mollenhauer says, “We believe that Americans deserve a great-for-you class of grab-and-go food options—and at Nutrient Rich Life, we’re making it our business to create exactly that.”

“We intend to provide the most nutritious, highest quality natural food products with the most convenient delivery—and the most outstanding flavor, because we want to see people enjoy eating healthy more than they do eating unhealthy, he added.

Superfood Infusions come in resealable squeeze packs that are engineered for maximum convenience and freshness. Each Superfood has a 12-month shelf life.

Flexible food pouches are an emerging a trend in food marketing. But in developing Superfood Infusions, the company set out to change the game by providing more than just the “adult baby food” many similar products offer.

The ideal on-the-go food pouches for adults offer not only fruits and vegetables, but the latest and most proven superfoods, supplemental nutrients, and sophisticated flavors.

Superfood Infusions set a new “gold standard” for quality, nutrient density, and flavor. The products are all organic and Non-GMO and will be fully certified. They’re free of gluten, soy, added colors, food preservatives, allergens, added sugar, or artificial ingredients.

Other ways Superfood Infusions™ are different from standard squeeze-pack snacks on the market:

  • Superfood Infusions offer generous adult-sized 7.5 oz. portions—the largest package on the market with the best value—so that just one is satisfying.
  • Superfood Infusions include supplemental essentials (chia seeds for omega 3 fats and fiber, plus Vitamin D and B12—saving money on additional supplementation of these essential nutrients)
  • Superfood Infusions contain 4 g each of health-promoting protein – 100% plant based.
  • Superfood Infusions use the nutrient-rich super fruits and vegetables with the most exceptional nutritional values and antioxidant properties.
  • Superfood Infusions are sold in packs of six (not four) that will last most people a full week. 45 oz. of nutrient-rich superfood per 6-pack, versus only 16 oz. – 20 oz. of other companies.

Superfood Infusions provide the best value when you consider the quality of ingredients, size, and added nutrients, which is why co-founder Mariahna Suzan explains, “We deliver on the value proposition of an on-the-go snack – satisfaction.”

The Superfood Infusion was ranked the #1 new health-food concepts by New Hope Natural Media out of a pool of 412 new concept tests.

They’re also the first in a planned lineup of more nutrient-rich solutions to support people in fueling today’s fast-paced, dynamic performance lifestyles.

Future products will include situation-specific formulations (addressing unique nutritional and packaging needs) and more advanced mini-meals with proprietary blends and protein.

Superfood Infusions are currently being launched via crowd-source investment on You can check out their campaign here, pre-order with many cool reward and save 17% off of retail.

“We are building this company with our customers,” says Mollenhauer.

The products will begin shipping in the second quarter of 2015 and it is the company’s intention to listen to customers wants and desires in its new product development so that healthy eating will be the easiest ever.

ABOUT Nutrient Rich® Life

For the past decade, Nutrient Rich® Life has helped to usher in an exciting, emerging movement toward making more plant-based, nutrient-rich food accessible, great tasting, credibly health and convenient.

Nutrient Rich ® was founded by CEO John Allen Mollenhauer and his wife Mariahna Suzan. John is a performance coach, certified in advanced Nutritarian Studies, a lifestyle entrepreneur and endurance athlete and bestselling author.

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