A Healthy Snacks Alternative for the Executive Dilemma

There is a healthy snacks alternative for the executive dilemma, where snackification is the new modus operandi.

If you work an office job, you’re likely familiar with the time constraints that keep you from eating a proper breakfast and lunch throughout your busy day. Seeing coworkers cramming down fast food, donuts, or vending machine goodies is probably also a familiar sight to you. In fact, admit it—you often fall prey to the same thing they do: hunger, fatigue, desperation for some kind of energy boost throughout your day as you sit and try to concentrate during those oft dull, yet necessary staff meetings.

For this reason, it won’t come as a surprise to you to hear that a recent survey shows thirteen percent of women regularly snack at least four times a day, thirty-three percent lie about the snacks they eat, and forty-eight percent say they do not feel satisfied after eating lunch.

The study was done by The Village Bakery, with the conclusion that “the waistlines of women suffer the most, with the average female putting on 6 lbs. 3 oz. – the equivalent of a whole dress size – while men see their weight increase by 5 lbs. 2 oz.” Imagine avoiding that larger dress size simply from abstaining from eating fattening snacks during work throughout the year—even those healthier snacks – which are aren’t so healthy.

Considering the fact that people’s busy work schedules in the office aren’t likely to change for the better any time soon, it is also unrealistic to assume that someone would be able to completely avoid snacking throughout her/his work day on a regular basis. The answer lies in what we snack on.

You’re probably pretty used to seeing (and enjoying) the donuts, coffee, muffins, Jack-in-the-Box curly fries, and other miscellaneous junk food that finds its way into the office through your wallet or a coworker’s. And it’s pretty difficult to avoid those vending machines when you didn’t have time for a filling breakfast, or breakfast at all. Unfortunately, the majority of snacks that can be bought from most office vending machines all contain more than 200 nutrient-poor calories, the recommended size of a healthy snack, and are filled with artificial, ingredients, refined sugars, and refined carbs. Few have any real nutritional value, other than being a quick, temporary fix to your hunger or sugar cravings.

Surveys have shown that many people are ashamed of what they eat throughout the day, and just as many admit that their poor eating habits don’t stay in the office—they follow them home to the dinner table, where they think “If I already blew it, I’ve got nothing left to lose,” and either skip dinner altogether and go for yet another snack, or tuck into a meal of usually processed, conveniently pre-prepared frozen food that is once again, sorely lacking in vital nutrients like vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber.

So what about the healthier alternatives? As the awareness of people’s poor eating habits in the office becomes more mainstream—and the effects become more appalling—a wealth of information has sprung up around the internet with well-meaning intent to get people to change for the better. Google healthy snacks for the office and you’ll be met with a barrage of web articles listing a variety of healthier alternatives to your usual nibbles—hummus and carrot sticks, trail mix, granola, dry oatmeal packets, peanut butter, canned tuna…there’s usually something for everyone.

But these “healthier” snacks aren’t always convenient, and there are also many so-called “healthy snacks” that are anything but that. Furthermore, many are messy to eat or require some kind of utensil, napkins, a plate, etc. Perishable snacks like apple slices, cheese or hummus must also be refrigerated, and it’s a bad idea to try stashing them in your purse on your forty-minute commute to work. Imagine forgetting such foods in your car for the sun to enjoy all day long. You also risk leaks and crumbs in your car, handbag, or desk area when trying to carry around/eat these kinds of snacks. Though they work for some people, they don’t always work for everyone.

Furthermore, many of these snacks (such as granola, trail mix or peanut butter) are still sneakily loaded with sugars and lacking in a nutritional “infusion” of superfoods. Just because a snack isn’t a donut or chips does not automatically make it any healthier. Why spend money on snacks that have less when you could get more bang for your buck? It makes sense to make the most out of everything you eat, both for your body’s benefit as well as your pocketbook.

Luckily for you, there now exists such a snack, or better yet “mini-meal,” and it gets a tick in all the right boxes. Nutrient Rich’s NRg Infusions™ are convenient, satisfying, and nutritious. Their contents hover between 166 and 209 calories a pack and are easy to eat on the go or throw in your purse; can be safely stored in your pantry, fridge or office; and are a refreshing, more wholesome way to fuel your body’s nutrient needs throughout the day—regardless of where your work takes you. NRg Infusions™ are superfood smoothie blends made from non-GMO fruits, vegetables, chia seeds, and vitamins D and B12—the two vitamins that many Americans are deficient in. NRg Infusion smoothies are 100% plant based, completely vegan, and a natural source of omega-3 healthy fats.

These snacks are more than just a snack. They can help your body get the daily dose of protein, essential fats, healthy carbs, vitamins, fiber, and minerals that it needs to function productively and guard against disease. They keep you full and feeling satisfied for longer than your average candy bar or bag of potato chips (up to 4 hours), which is like eating a small meal. Furthermore, they are an undeniably refreshing source of energy with the flavor punch to satiate any sweet tooth.

If you know you won’t have time for breakfast on your way to work, you can put your mind to ease by stashing a few NRg Infusions™ in your car, purse or office cubicle. Of course, they are always best when enjoyed cold from the refrigerator, but the special hot fill process we put our ingredients through safely preserves them in their flexible foil packets until they are ready to be opened and consumed. In fact, they have a convenient 12-month shelf life, giving you more than enough time to stock up on your next batch.

What’s more, our NRg infusions™ cost just $3.62, the national average cost of a meal in the United States. That means you don’t have to be loaded to eat right and help get your family on track to a better lifestyle. We all have the right to a nutrient-rich life, and should be able to exercise such a right, as these are the only bodies we will ever get.

With that being said, NRg Infusions™ are not meant to be a replacement to your regular meals such as a wholesome dinner with your family at the table. Being passionate about healthy eating and living ourselves, we encourage you to work more towards incorporating wholesome, nutrient-rich foods into your regular diet to ensure you and your family get your bodies’ daily needs met. NRg Infusions™ can help push you in this direction by giving you a convenient step up particularly during this slip up time, when your time and energy is limited. We believe that little by little, starting with the small things that add up (such as snacks), you can take your eating habits to a whole new level, with great for you, grab-and-go snacks, get more nourishment for less, and begin to experience more energy than ever before.

You are what you eat, so put down the Cheetos™ and save your money for something well-worth investing in—the health of your mind, body and spirit.





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