Had Food Addiction Got You Stuck Eating a Healthier Diet?

In the process of developing the new nutrientrich.com website, and products, one of the main distinctions we have discovered in our own messaging is that we are not promoting a “healthier” diet. Rather, we are actually promoting a Nutrient Rich healthy eating style–the healthiest way to eat on the planet.

As a matter of fact, in our new subscriber guide called, Wow, I Thought I was Eating Healthy!, the word “healthier” is what we are emphasizing as the descriptor of the various diet tactics that people get caught up in that keep them trapped eating nutrient poor and never really experiencing the Success Results they desire.

Simply put, “healthier” is not healthy enough to yield the Success Results everybody wants, but so few people experience, unless they have already made the Switch, and are already eating Nutrient Rich. When people say they are eating “healthier,” as they dine on low cal cheeses, fancy processed foods that are often found in specialized stores, grilled chicken, and meals that are not comprised of whole food ingredients; sure they are eating “healthier” than the Sad American Diet SAD, and that is an improvement, but they are not eating healthy enough. In reality, oftentimes, they are simply just eating better versions of the SAD, or are cutting back on the nutrient-poor foods they were eating prior to trying to eat “healthier.”

Unless they are already Nutrient Rich Healthy Eaters, who are dining on 90% or More Plant-Based Nutrient Rich foods in great-tasting ways, in a way that is optimizing for nutrient density, they are not eating nearly as healthfully as they can and need to be eating if they want to actually get the success results they set out for.

Yes, there truly is a HEALTHY way to eat and it is called — Nutrient Rich. The reason we refer to our Plan as The Nutrient Rich Healthy Eating Plan is because nutrient-rich, or nutrient-dense eating, is what defines whether or not the food you are eating is healthy.

A “healthier” food may not be nutrient rich at all. In most cases “healthier” foods are only healthier as compared to the Standard American Diet of nutrient-poor and nutrient-barren foods, but people are so addicted to “healthier” foods that aren’t really healthy, that simply eating “healthier” seems like a better alternative than minimizing or eliminating nutrient-poor foods, and replacing them with nutrient-dense or nutrient-rich ones. And why do they do that? Why do they stay stuck eating nutrient-poor foods? Food addiction.

Had Food Addiction Got You Stuck Eating Healthier?

Food addiction is when you are getting concentrated calories, most of the time in non-health-promoting forms like animal products and refined foods, not enough nutrients to keep the body from accumulating toxic substances, and when the body tries to clean up, you experience the overwhelmingly uncomfortable feelings of withdrawal for some period of time. How long this lasts depends on your prior eating style.

Are you aware of your current eating style and its effects on your body? Are you suffering unnecessarily from food addiction? If you get headaches or become irritable when you don’t eat for a few hours, I’m sorry to inform you–but you are food addicted!

Your are eating in a way that is…

  • Toxifying your body
  • Promoting weight gain
  • Degrading your health and personal performance
  • Inducing diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer
  • Aging your faster
  • Resulting in an older look, and
  • Shortening your life

Notice, these are the opposites of the Success Results we promote at nutrientrich.com when we talk about Nutrient Rich Healthy Eating. In fact, if you are eating nutrient poor, you are undoubtedly suffering from all of the issues listed above–and it doesn’t need to be that way.

Make the choice to Switch to Rich, Nutrient Rich–The Great-Tasting Healthy Way to Eat and get all 7 Success Results — and then some:

  • Detoxify Your Body
  • Lose Weight Naturally
  • Improve Your Health
  • Reverse Disease
  • Age Slower
  • Look Younger
  • Live Longer 

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