6 No-Brainer Uses For Nutrient Rich Organic Grab N’ Go Nutrition

A big reason why people don’t eat fruits and vegetables is that they aren’t used to them. These days, much of the population is eating a diet of up to 40-50% animal products and 30-40% refined foods, with less than 20% of their total dietary intake from nutrient-rich produce.

There is also the issue of convenience. Even though vegetables and fruits are the original fast food, and they are actually quite convenient, when you’re at your desk or in the car between meetings, they can be messy. Who wants to risk a shirt stain in the middle of a high-performance day? During a busy day, you don’t.

Let’s use water as an example. It’s everywhere, but there is a time for bottled water in plastic, a time for water in a nice bottle, and a time to stick your head under the faucet or use your hands in the lake. And fresh, clean water is available in a variety of formats to suit all those different situations.

For this reason, we have launched Organic Grab N’ Go, foods to fuel your body when you don’t have convenient access to fresh produce. Not only are they made from fruits and vegetables, but they also include seeds and but they also include omega 3 rich seeds, and essential supplementation like vitamin D from whole food mushroom powder and vitamin B12. Try getting all of that from one piece of fruit.

At Nutrient Rich Superfoods, we are committed to making sure three things are true for our readers and customers. And they all roll up into what we call Performance Lifestyle nutrition.

  1. That you understand the benefits of eating a predominantly plant-based diet that nourishes, detoxifies, stabilizes, and strengthens your body, especially when you optimize your diet over time to give your body what it needs, no significant amount of what it doesn’t, and eat whole foods as close to their natural state as possible.
  2. That you have access to great-tasting, nutrient-rich, incredibly healthy meals and menus that are simple, quick, and easy.
  3. That you have flexible nutritional products so you don’t have to compromise your nutrition when you’re short on energy, time, and space and don’t have time to shop, prepare, clean up, or even eat out.

Our Superfood Infusions are Organic Grab N’ Go foods with no added sugar, preservatives, or any allergenic of any kind. They are pure food with the fiber—not just the juice—so you can fuel your body right.

You can easily enjoy Superfood Infusions throughout the day with these six no-brainer uses:

  1. As you head out the door in the morning, when you might not eat anything at all, let alone get fruits, vegetables, seeds, and essential vitamins.
  2. In the car, when you can’t risk a spill or a drip.
  3. At your desk, when the last thing you want is to reach into your desk drawer for an overripe banana or peach that didn’t last the night. Nutrient Rich Organic Grab ‘n Go Superfoods infuse your body with foods that won’t go bad nearly as fast, so you can be sure you always have a healthy snack.
  4. Pre- or post-workout, Superfood Infusions won’t leave you working out on a full stomach or sap energy from your desired recovery after you finish your workout. Our products are carefully processed, but not refined. This means we don’t strip out or add any nutrients other than what was in the original foods, with the exception of some essential supplementation—like vitamin B12—which you won’t get from whole foods.
  5. Traveling through unfamiliar territory, when you don’t know where to get the quality foods you want. Just put a Superfood Infusions in your luggage (mini sizes coming soon!), for a healthy snack while you wait for a taxi or drive to your destination after a long flight.
  6. At school or when studying. How nice is it to nurse a flexible squeeze pack filled with your favorite fruits, vegetables, and omega 3-rich seeds while you’re writing that term paper or preparing for an exam! Superfood Infusions provide a tasty, fortifying snack, and you won’t risk spilling it on your papers.

You can, and should, eat fruits and vegetable as they are. But when you can’t, Superfood Infusions Organic Grab N’ Go foods will keep you well fed and nutritionally balanced.

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