The Squeeze Pack for Adults

When Nutrient Rich Superfoods (formerly Nutrient Rich Life) decided to solve the fast healthy food challenge, we had to choose where we would enter the market. We were committed to making healthy eating easier than it had ever been and delivering on the true value proposition of organic grab n’ go foods. But where to start?

It was 2013, and we noted that baby food companies were completing a 4-5 year transition away from glass jars to flexible pouches or “squeeze packs.” Parents loved them because they were no longer needed to spoon feed their toddlers in messy experiences that required bibs, napkins, and a certified clean-up crew. Babies and toddlers loved them because they could suck the pureed food from a no-spill spout that mimicked their earliest experiences of liquefied food consumption.

This is how we all started eating—with liquid nutrition. In this case, we’re talking about a puree or smoothie texture, but nonetheless, when we mention liquid nutrition, we’re using the term to mean anything you drink, squeeze, suck, or infuse!

What really changed things is when parents started eating the baby food. How could you blame them? Having access to pure organic, non-GMO food is a beautiful thing. It fuels your body, is satisfying, and doesn’t require much energy to digest and use, leaving you in an energetic state.

Today, adult squeeze packs are one of the most convenient and nutritious ways to eat on the go. You get a mix of fruits, vegetables, and seeds that would otherwise take time to procure. And they taste great blended together. Plus there’s a lack of clean up, and you don’t have to worry about spilling or creating a mess with a spouted, flexible pouch.

The innovation doesn’t stop there. 

With products like Superfood Infusions, you get essential supplementation, larger sizes, and enough protein from plant foods to convert this into a mini-meal!

Today, you see athletes, kids, and parents all eating from pouches. Adult squeeze packs achieve a whole new level in terms of texture, sophisticated flavors, pouch size, calories, protein, and more. But don’t be surprised: kids like the adult flavors as much adults liked the kid flavors.

Give this new way to eat a try. You’ll fuel your body on the go and never have to compromise your nutrition again. And just imagine what innovations are coming down the pipeline. Healthy eating has never been easier!


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