Eat Nutrient Rich Foods for The Holidays

“Nutrient Rich” Holidays

Do you find it difficult to eat healthy during the holidays? If so, you are not alone. Most people want to eat better, but they are simply swamped with great tasting foods served with love, that are unfortunately, poor in nutrients and often times junk.

They “give in” for good reasons and are forced to start the New Year with yet another resolution to eat better, or go on a diet and deal with the uncomfortable reality of cleaning their body from all that junk.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

The holidays don’t have to be synonymous with refined sugar, saturated fat and excess calories, especially now, when you can enjoy Nutrient Rich Holidays! Yes, Nutrient Rich Holidays filled with great tasting foods that are rich in the nutrients you and your family need to be both happy and healthy!

You do not have to give up your favorite foods to maintain a healthy diet during the holidays; what you want to do is eat Nutrient Rich versions of the foods you love! Discover how to shop, prepare and eat out, the Nutrient Rich way; it will make a big difference in the way you look and feel throughout the holidays and start the New Year.

Eat Better Holiday Meals Now, and You Won’t Need to Eat Less (diet) Later

Why do most people have to go on a diet in the New Year, eating less food than they want and need? The answer is simple. They eat so many nutrient-poor, calorie-rich foods during the holidays, they overeat excessively, and it’s only natural to want to deal with the most obvious symptom; overweight. It’s what happens when you overload your body with food that doesn’t “serve” your needs other than great taste.

But what if you prepared Nutrient Rich meals which are more appropriate in calories and promote your health? Imagine eating foods, meals and a holiday menu that was great tasting, and you actually felt better after you ate? This can happen for you when what you eat is Nutrient Rich!

Everyone will benefit when you choose to create, buy and serve Nutrient-Rich recipes, rich in quality real food or whole food ingredients. From snacks to baking, there is a Nutrient Rich equivalent for almost every food you are eating right now.

Below are examples of ways to make your holiday meal great tasting and healthier for the entire family.

  • Instead of eating meals heavy with calorie rich, nutrient poor animal byproducts and ultra refined food stuffs, eat smaller amounts of animal products and discover the dozens, actually unlimited number of ways to eat plant based menus. Plant foods are more Nutrient Rich than animal foods and certainly more nutrient dense then refined foods, because they are higher on the food chain and don’t contain stuff your body doesn’t need.
  • Instead of ice cream, eat vice cream – real food ice creams that are made from cashews, water, maple syrup and vanilla, for example.  Google it! “Vice Creams”.
  • Rather than seasoning the sweet potatoes with butter or margarine, add orange, pineapple, apples, pecans, cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar, maple syrup, lemon, lime, to add even more flavor.
  • Enjoy freshly baked bread by itself – there is no need to spread on the artery clogging butter when whole grain breads and healthy spreads are all around us. You can use raw nut butters, apple butter spreads and others.
  • If you choose to leave some of your favorite recipes as is, eating smaller portions will likely not happen. So make the majority of your meals with Nutrient Rich Recipes, and you won’t have to get as full. You’ll get fulfilled faster eating Nutrient Rich and hunger shuts off. You also won’t have to deprive yourself of the great tasting foods that are important to you and the holiday spirit.

Don’t worry, during Thanksgiving, the holidays you will likely overeat and gain a few pounds no matter what you eat because everything centers on food. But eating Nutrient Rich, you’ll be healthier, feel better, and be happier. You can then Lose weight the Nutrient Rich Way™ with simple adjustments, and there is no dieting required.

Make only one commitment his holiday season.

Raise your standard and eat better quality food. Eat Nutrient Rich foods, not poor foods that will wreak havoc on your body… Start the New Year with the confidence and knowing you celebrated well.

Happy Holidays

John Allen Mollenhauer

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