Happy Thanksgiving!

Nutrient Rich Stuffing

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving this week!

I am thankful to have the opportunity to serve you, share ideas for a healthy diet, and healthy living and help improve people’s lives. I thank you for all that you do.

In the course of our year, holidays are a great opportunity to reflect and recuperate. One of the forms of recuperation that you may not be considering on this Holiday, is digestion!

There is no hard and fast rule that says you have to eat yourself to death, just because it’s there.

Digestion takes ALLOT of energy.

Yes, you will eat more than usual, and unlike other holidays, the fare is very Nutrient Rich , but notice how fast you are full, and respect that.

Ironically, it’s very easy to overeat Nutrient Rich foods, because you get satisfied so fast. It’s what happens when your needs get  met, unlike when you load up on nutrient poor foods that leave you full but unfulfilled.

Use as much of the holiday time to relax “your system”, not overload it. You can actually end the day with more energy and healthier if you choose.

Play, be active and build an experience of coming out of Thanksgiving more powerful and ready to engage in life more than you ever have before following a Thanksgiving day.

A couple tips

a) Lots of greens (hey you can even do this all year round

b) fruits

c) Maybe more turkey than usual, but aim for 10% or less animal protein and products like butter etc, (ideally less than 10%) and of course if you want to feeling great and energetic at the end of the day.

Of course, nutrient barren junk foods are going to leave you hating Friday and the weekend as you deal with all the after effects.

d) Candied Yams, sweet potato pies, real food ice creams etc are examples of great deserts.

e) Essentially, eat whole foods, with the greatest concentration being fruits and vegetables, with progressively smaller amounts of starchy vegetables grains, and of course, minimal meats, and processed foods, added salt, oil etc.

Enjoy regardless, practice being 100% OK with whatever you eat, but be aware of what you eat and why.

The experience is key!

Most of all have a wonderful time with your family.

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