What the Cookie Monster Has to Say About Healthy Eating

When I saw this I nearly fell off my chair laughing!!

I am usually a fun-spirited person who does not judge people at all for how they eat. My days as a food cop and healthy eating zealot are long, long gone; and I completely understand why some people roll their eyes back when it comes to healthy eating, and the subject of healthy living, in general, just like the Cookie Monster who’s saying, “WTF is this *&%$#@!?”

I know now that the reason why this happens is the context in which people are given information and why…

If I were eating the Standard American “western” Diet, and was told to eat nothing but fruits and vegetables, for the first time, and it was presented to me as just that, so I could be “healthier,” I’d probably be saying the same thing. Believe it or not, it’s not enough. As a matter of fact, I vaguely remember saying something like that 24 years ago when I was presented with the idea of no longer eating the Standard American Diet or living basically on chicken and fish with a side of vegetables, a piece of fruit here and there, and junk food desserts when I wasn’t dieting to lose weight. As food addicted as most people are, WTF is exactly what I, a “cookie monster,” had to say to that!

But all that has changed for me, and it will change for you when you realize that making the Switch to Rich is not simply about eating more fruits and vegetables, never eating meat or even about “giving up” all of your old food favorites. It doesn’t need to evoke the WTF response, no matter how funny it is. Sometimes it’s fun just to take that position. 😉

The Nutrient Rich Way to Eat is the most practical and healthiest eating style that there is, without giving up great taste, not even a little bit. It is precisely because it does not evoke the WTF response that comes with so many weight loss-only and half-baked healthier eating styles that just don’t make sense for long, that those who eat nutrient-rich are successful.

Plus, when you zero in on The 7 Success Results of Nutrient-Rich Healthy Eating, you will be more motivated to make the Switch to Rich than ever before, no matter what your current eating style is.

If you find yourself saying “WTF is this “*&^%$#!?” to healthy eating, just like the Cookie Monster, one of two things are in place.

  1. You are a cookie monster and are addicted to nutrient-poor foods (by the way there are nutrient-rich cookies!)
  2. You haven’t yet learned about The Nutrient-Rich Way to Eat!

Read Switch to Rich, today, and you’ll be well on your way to getting all the immediate benefits and Success Results of nutrient-rich healthy eating for life!

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