Healthy Eating is Not Healthy Unless It Is 90 Percent or More Plant-Based Nutrient Rich

In my last post, where I was talking about a plant-based low-carb diet, as compared to animal-based low-carb diets and the Standard American “regular” Diet, it occurred to me how lost most people really are when it comes to being able to see the dietary landscape clearly. This was true for me, too, until relatively recently, after more than 20 years in and around the nutrition space, as I put together the Switch to Rich Quick Start Guide – to lead people toward Nutrient-Rich Healthy Eating for Life.

It became clear that it’s incredibly hard to see what healthy eating really looks like when we are culturally so mired down in the Standard American Diet, weight loss-only diets (such as animal-based low-carb diets) and in half-baked healthier diets that are so mired in refined oil, salt and sugar that they are really nothing more than a healthier “Standard American Diet!”

What rang loud and clear is the fact that the market conversation (dictated by business) is controlling the context of what people learn. If the conversation is about such a small subject like animal protein and fat vs. plant protein and fat, however valuable that insight is, you can’t see the bigger picture – and it’s the bigger picture that separates those who get it and get on with their life eating nutrient rich, and those who stay trapped eating nutrient poor – and eating nutrient poor is what most businesses want us to do.

Eating the nutrient-poor way is what has driven the weight loss, healthcare, nutrition, and fitness businesses – for decades! 

We do our best in Switch to Rich, to enlighten people to that picture, so they can see the vicious cycle they are likely caught up in, if they are eating a so-called “regular” diet, employing weight loss-only diets to deal with the overweight condition, and eating only a little bit “healthier” to deal with health complications, but still eating what is defined as nutrient-poor foods – foods defined not only by what they don’t have, but what they have that we don’t need from food, and in terms of how they are eaten.

Nutrient-Rich Healthy Eating, is like like finding a needle in a haystack, which is why it takes many people 20 years or more to arrive what what healthy eating really means. Healthy eating is not healthy eating unless it’s 90% or more Plant-Based Nutrient Rich. When you consider that healthy eating is typically defined in the market conversation around the pleasures of eating alone, losing weight as the goal, and eating “healthier,” but not yet nutrient rich, it is no wonder why  so many of us fall short from getting all the success results we are promised, but never experience.

Nutrient-poor diets can never deliver real success results!

At we are not talking about about any of those outcomes by themselves and that has a major impact on a healthy eating style. We are talking about maximizing the nutrient per calorie ratio of the foods we eat 90% or more of the time. We are talking healthy eating that can deliver these Success Results: detoxification, natural weight loss, health optimization and disease reversal, slower aging, a younger look and maximized longevity.

Do you want any less than all of these Success Results? If you do, then keep eating in a nutrient-poor way at high levels. If you want all of these Success Results, then make the Switch to Rich, Nutrient-Rich Healthy Eating for Life.

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