The Dukan Diet – Celebrity Over Sanity!

Why is it The Dukan Diet, the new diet rave?

Well Kate Middleton, the new Duchess of Cambridge (and her mother) that's why!
oh, and a few lesser known celebs taking the tip from Kate, Jennifer Lopez and Nichole Kidman, are taking the Dunkan plunge as well; straight into another animal protein rich, low carbohydrate manipulative weight loss diet that is no good for your health!

What is the Dukan Diet.

The marketing answer to that question is
The No 1 French medical diet (tie "medical" to the "french", who are soooo thin drinking wine and eating cheese (sarcasm), with an animal protein rich diet for weight loss) and surely you 'll have a market rave).

Created by Pierre Dukan….

Here's how they explain the diet:

His own diet’s high-protein, low-fat approach is organized into four phases: attack, cruise, consolidation and stabilization. The first encourages dieters to eat as much as they want of non-fatty, protein rich foods, including oat bran (a key component) washed down with oceans of water. The second stage introduces vegetables, but no fruit; the third brings with it two slices of bread, a serving of cheese and fruit and two servings of carbohydrates a day, with two weekly “celebration” meals with wine and dessert (the diet is French, after all); and the final stage six days a week of “anything goes” and one day of reversion to strict protein-only stage one — for the rest of your life.

Whether you are on "attack" or "cruise", this is anything but a lifestyle and you may just need the motivation of a wedding in front of 2,000,000,000 people to stay on it for weight loss for any significant period of time. Keep in mind why these diets are so popular; they work for weight loss, but they also compromise your health, throw your system out of balance, deplete your body of needed nutrients, and are not a way of eating for the rest of your life which guarantees you'll be dieting again.

After Atkins arguably died of such a diet, it's amazing that the public at large hot not yet gotten the message whether the data is true or not.
Certainly it's coming out what a nutrient rich diet really is.

So be careful not to fall for what some would call a "nutrient rich" diet! Yes, the Dukan Diet is a diet that is rich in some nutrients but that does not make a nutrient rich diet.
The Dukan diet is "dieting" at it's best.

To be clear The Dukan Diet is nutrient poor and will result in all kinds of health complication just like Atkins did. I can hear Dr. Fuhrman now!

It is low in nutrients as whole food, has minimal amounts of phytonutrients, is loaded with saturated fat, cholesterol and animal protein itself, and equates "celebration" with the very foods that cause the problem. Celebration with food, can be done with healthy foods, just as easily with unhealthy ones.

On Monday, Joel Fuhrman MD will be on Dr Oz talking the Dunkan Diet. He will be commenting about the dangers of this diet.

So Tune In! 3:00 EST Monday May 2nd. 2011.

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