Why Do We Need A Food Revolution?

Why do we need a food revolution?

These are urgent times.

We need a food revolution because…

  1. Something is happening right now that’s taking a terrible toll on all of us.
  2. Because we are the fattest people with the highest rate of obesity anywhere and in the history of the world…
  3. Because the costs are staggering, we already spend more than double per capita than any other country in the world on health care
  4. And we do that while being the only industrialized country in America that does not guarantee health care to all of its citizens
  5. Our federal debt is sourcing, our kids are getting sicker we have the highest and rates of obesity and we are poisoning ourselves and all of life with pesticides.
  6. We have developed a system of meat production that subjects animal to confinement, unimaginable-unconscionable cruelty, and foodstuffs that are completely unnatural to their physiology, hoards of antibiotics and are creating resistant bacteria that will render even our most sophisticated medical technology impotent.
  7. More than 50 million men need to take a drug to get an erection
  8. We deserve better, the wholesome food that connects us to our food, each other and our communities
  9. We deserve to be healthy, vital radiant people
  10. We deserve to love and thrive, not just survive.

May all fed,

May all be healed

May all be loved.

~ John Robbins, Author, The Food Revolution and Co Founder The Food Revolution Network.

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