The 10 Food Questions You Could Be Asking

downloadJust yesterday, the Food Revolution Summit completed, hosted by from John and Ocean Robbins. Wow, what a powerful event. I and many  listened to nearly all the interviews. If you didn’t get a chance they have all been recorded. Click here to learn more. I look forward to participating next year.

It was great to hear John Robbins talk about one of the most powerful nutrition facts of his seminal book Diet for a New America, the book that actually launched the food revolution over 20 years ago, that is this… if “American’s”, just Americans, ate 10% less animal products, the biggest consumers of grains in the world (live stock) no one in the world would go hungry. Nearly 60,000 people a day die of starvation in the world, so I think we can both eat less meat, and redirect those grain resources to the people who need it.

Don’t you?

In the last interview with John and Ocean Robbins… John Robbins laid out the 10 questions he asks that keep him aligned right with the foods he eats.

These are the 10 food questions you too could be asking…

  1. Will eating this food propel me towards an inspiring future or keep me stuck in the past?
  2. Is this food consistent with my ethics or will was it produced in a way that create harm to the earth and cause unnecessary harm to other sentient beings?
  3. Will eating this food bring me long term fulfillment or only short term gratification?
  4. I am maintaining my own integrity and well-being or just trying to please others?
  5. Am I feeding my strength or indulging my weakness?
  6. Will eating this way enable me to align with my spiritual path or is it a distraction from living a conscious life?
  7. Will this food add to my life force or will it decrease my vitality?
  8. Does this choice empower me or not?
  9. Is this an act of self-love or an act of self-sabotage?
  10. Am I coming from faith in self and in life or am I coming from fear?

These questions are powerful, and guess what, they will all naturally steer you towards a More Plant Based Nutrient Rich, healthy eating style and the superfoods that deliver all the results!

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