Eat for Health

Thousands who have recovered from their medical problems have been calling Dr. Fuhrman‘s Eat For Health program a medical miracle. We are not just talking about the people who have lost their excess weight after failing for years on one diet after another, but diseases, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, allergies, asthma, autoimmune illnesses (including lupus) and headaches have simply melted away.

Published medical research already documents this as the most effective weight loss method ever recorded in medical history. There was an average two year weight loss of 53 pounds. Most importantly they kept the weight off.

DrFuhrman’s complete two–book set actually teaches you how to prefer a NutrientRich diet–style over a disease–promoting diet. The hallmark of healthy eating is to consume more foods that contain a high nutrient density and less food with a low nutrient density.

To make it easy, Dr. Fuhrman has scored thousands of foods so that in each of the 4 phases, the nutrient density of the suggested menus increases. The outcome is that when you eat enough NutrientRich foods you can reverse most medical problems without drugs. If diets never worked for you in the past you will now understand why and you will be motivated to lose your excess weight and get well again. Eat For Health can save your life.

Dr. Fuhrman‘s MANDI food and meal scoring system (patent pending) lets you know exactly how healthy your diet is. You can see this as well using the Food Class System at You can choose your own level of nutritional excellence and you can move forward to a higher level at your own pace when you are ready or you can pump it up to phase four to get maximal weight loss and therapeutic effect to reverse disease. Nutrient Rich Food, Not Drugs, Is The Prescription

Book two contains the menus and recipes. It teaches you how to make this diet work easily for you and your family. With over 150 delicious and easy recipes, it makes Nutrient Rich eating truly gourmet. From strengthening your taste buds to dealing with temptation, restaurant eating, to eating on the road, this program will make sure you can do it, enjoy it, and even fit it into your busy schedule. It is guaranteed to change your life forever.

  • A scientifically proven system to have you lose your food addictions and actually prefer NutrientRich foods over nutrient poor foods.
  • A gradual, 4 – phase program with custom menus so you can adjust the program to your individual needs and preferences
  • Everyday recipes that taste phenomenal and are easy to make
  • A nutrient scoring system to measure the nutritional quality of your diet
  • Remove toxic hunger and you will succeed at losing weight and keeping it off forever
  • Use Nutrient Rich foods to beat disease, get rid of diabetes, lower your blood pressure and cholesterol without drugs and protect yourself against cancer and get more pleasure out of eating.

There isn’t a more successful approach to eating anywhere, because unlike diets where weight loss is the primary driving factor with health second, when you Eat for Health, the nutrient value is considered first. You eat Better Not Less, and naturally eat less making weight loss .

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