A Solution For Diabetes: A Plant-Based Diet

Real health reform is not about your prescription drug plan, it’s about your lifestyle – how you think and live.

Now as someone who lives a PerformanceLifestyle, I am very aware of the various aspects of a balanced and healthy lifestyle and how to apply the various skills needed to stay that way in the relentlessly demanding culture we live in to function and perform “well”. I know how to achieve my goals without trading my health for it as so many people do.

As big part of a PerformanceLifestyle is a plant-based nutrient rich diet; but PerformanceLifestyle is not what this article is about.

This post is about people who have not made the connection between their lifestyle and whether or not they achieve their goals in life in a balanced and healthy way. It’s about people who are caught up in an entirely different conversation of prescription drugs, medicine, and the inevitability of diseases such as diabetes mellitus.

The reason why they are caught up in that conversation is simple; they have no idea that they have significant control of their own health and are towing the country line that says one out of two will diet of cancer, heart disease and diseases like diabetes mellitus because they haven’t yet discovered the power of a plant based diet; just one aspect of a PerformanceLifestyle, albeit one that can dramatically improve your health!

Of course they are also eating a nutrient barren diet filled with refined foods, rich in refined sugar.

I was reading the web this morning and found an article on the Huffington Post called “A Solution for Diabetes: A Plant Based Diet – an article which 5 years ago, or so you would have never scene in the mainstream media, but now, since we are steeped in a discussion of health reform, you are seeing it.

In my opinion, this article is about real health reform and can get you started on the path to not only getting free of diseases such a diabetes mellitus, but creating a lifestyle that delivers a quality of life few experience.

A plant based diet is exactly that; a diet based in plant foods. It may not be 100% food from plants, but the majority of the diet is from nutrient rich foods such as vegetables, fruits, beans, raw nuts and seeds and whole grains and or the endless stream of meals and menus that can be created by the hundreds of foods in these first class food categories.

Here’s and excerpt from the article.

NB: Yes. When people begin a healthful diet, most see big improvements in weight, cholesterol, and their blood sugar. Their need for medications diminishes, and some may not need medications at all. In some cases, you would never know they had had diabetes. However, I caution people not to simply throw their medications away. They need to speak with their doctors so they can alter their medication regimens only when and if it is appropriate.

Let me describe a case: A man named Vance joined our study. His father was dead by age 30, and Vance was 31 when he was diagnosed with diabetes. As our study began, he started a low-fat, vegan diet and gradually lost about 60 pounds over a year’s time. His blood sugar control returned to normal, and his doctor discontinued his medications. Imagine what it feels like to see family members assaulted by this disease, but then to realize that you have effectively tackled it by making healthful adjustments to your diet.

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Read this article; one of the most influential reasons why people start to change their lifestyle is they no longer want to experience diseases of lifestyle like diabetes mellitus and this ends up leading them to  the healthiest lifestyle in the world.

The road often begins with a plant-based nutrient rich diet!

John Allen Mollenhauer

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