Barley Grass – A Nutrient Rich Superfood

Wheat Grass1Barley grass juice is a highly rejuvenating nutrient rich superfood food for health. – It has been used as a way to reverse lifestyle-induced diseases from the overweight condition to cancer because it is “micronutrient rich” in every way. One of The 7 Healthy Success Results of eating a high nutrient density eating style is reversal of diseases causes by the SAD Standard American Diet that is rich in animal protein, unhealthy fats, and refined foods loaded with added salt, oil and sugar…

Are the 7 Success Results specific to barley grass? Not particularly, but certainly because barley grass is a convenient drink mix, that deliver powerful phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals, fiber, essential fat acids amino acids and like other greens chlorophyll and glucose in varying amounts. As part of a nutrient rich healthy eating style, this superfood delivers what the body needs, does not deliver any significant amount of what it does not need and when consumed in a carefully processed (milled) state, (given it is a grass with very tough fiber) it nutrifies and detoxifies the body and is capable speeding up recovery.

The benefits of barley grass are being experienced by thousands of people and have been experienced by millions over generations.  This remarkable food for health is a member of the cereal grass family and is very similar nutritionally to the equally nourishing and healing wheatgrass.

It’s already a forgone conclusion that today more and more people are finding eating healthy difficult, because of all the dietary addictions and wrongful eating practices, whether intentionally or unintended, which have led to nutrient deficiency in the face of food abundance, and obesity.

Well, what can be done about this? One thing you can do is read the four book series – The Nutrient Rich Healthy Eating Plan, where I have dished out all the tips and nuances on how to make the switch from eating nutrient poor to eating nutrient rich “superfoods” for the best health results.

For starters you can make sure you are getting plenty of greens in your diet. Well you might wonder which green food with its vital liquid chlorophyll among a vast micronutrient load of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals (antioxidants etc) is the most beneficial to you. Wonder no more. They are all good, with foods like Kale, watercress, mustard greens, turnip greens bok choy and spinach, among the top 10 most nutrient rich foods.

The cereal grass family also produces potent and body strengthening green foods as well. That would include the wheatgrass and the barley grass and alfalfa leaf. But let’s zero in on the barley grass here…

Barley the Oldest Cultivated Grain (that is gluten free)

Barley grains have been used to make bread and beer for thousands of years. But did you also know that the grass grown that gives rise to the barley seeds or grains can be juiced to produce a powerful fresh green juice elixir.

Yep, this glorious grass is full of astounding nutrients that will help you create better health through its consumption.

How exciting is that!

OK, I know drinking liquid grass is not a real exciting idea. But, when you truly educate yourself on this marvelous food source, you actually will get excited about consuming it.

That’s right, when you understand the potential for optimizing health and performance that exists from consuming this stellar, ever so humble, abundant, affordable, and non-patentable grass; you really just might want to pull this barley grass juice (usually consumed as a juice powder that is reconstituted with water or coconut water) into your diet for specific uses—athletic and non-athletic.

Living Barley Grass powder is easier to prepare than growing your own barley grass, and it is also tremendously powerful in its healing (recovery) abilities. Take a look at this Living Barley testimonial in which one of the top trainers and NBA strength coaches and the founder of the first Plant Based Gym Chain in the country Jon Hinds swears by it because it helps him speed up recovery without taking in excess protein and calories.

When it comes to its antioxidant capabilities, check this out.








Here are some of the benefits of barley grass:

Alright, here are specific attention grabbing barley grass benefits that have reportedly come about from regularly drinking either barley grass powder juice or fresh barley grass juice in place of not consuming any significant amounts of animal protein, unhealthy animal fats, refined and added salt, oil and sugar.  

Improvement or reversal of lifestyle-induced diseases such as…

  • Inflammatory disease from obesity to arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular diseases from high blood pressure to atherosclerosis.
  • Lowers cholesterol because it does not contain cholesterol and is consumed in place or cholesterol containing or elevating foods.
  • Auto immune diseases
  • Even cancers…
  • Increased Energy efficiency from no longer over-consuming calories and increased cellular function.
  • Improved muscle function
  • Greater endurance

Food for thought

Can you even imagine the great health improvements that would result from dispensing fresh squeezed barley grass juice or wheatgrass juice in our hospitals? Do you think our health care costs would go down if this simple measure was incorporated?

Most juice bars only sell the wheat grass juice, so if you want fresh squeezed barley grass juice, you will most likely need to grow your own or Buy Living Barley Grass juice powder

I think you will enjoy drinking it, and love the way it makes you feel. I certainly believe this is also an economical way to obtain organic, non-toxic, barley grass juice with ease in a very busy world.

The power of this cereal grass that is loaded with life enhancing nutrients, none of which have been compromised or removed in the drying process, makes Living Barley grass Juice powder a complete food that great for:

3 Specific Daily Uses for Drinking Barley Grass (or Wheat Grass…)

  1.  A Nutrient infusion when you are not yet ready for a sit down meal.
    You are not yet ready to sit down for a full meal, or a fiber rich meal that you have to process in your tummy and small intestine. Often times you just want the quick uptake of powerful phytonutrients and a foods rich in amino acids (protein).
  2. An rich infusion of amino acids when you want to promote recovery following a work out (barley grass is amazingly effective here)
    All protein comes from greens in the form of amino acids, and barley grass is particularly rich in a complete array of these building blocks for protein synthesis. With the fiber milled and the micronutrients protected by the safe InstaRaw and PhytoLive Dehydration processes; post workout or intense activity you can infuse your body with a clean sources of amino acids without taking in isolated protein that raises IGF-1. (Insulin like growth factor 1)
  3. Promoting detoxification and nourishment so that you can build a Nutrient Rich body.
    The one thing all nutrient rich superfoods do that no other foods of any quality can is both nourish and detoxify the body at the same time, so that it can stabilize and strengthen now longer subjected to nutrient poor foods that compromise the body and causes it to break down from excess stress. Barley grass is so rich in micronutrients and contains just the right mount of macronutrients to build a nutrient rich body.

    Caution: This food is very nutrient rich. If you drink Barley Grass as a “snack” or think you can or should “nurse” a nutrient rich superfood drink like this all day long, on top of all your other meals, especially nutrient rich meals, you may find yourself overeating.

Learn more about how to consume micronutrient rich vegetable and fruit powders, drinks and foods as you  learn to eat More Plant-Based Nutrient Rich, to Maximize Your Health and Life Potential, Increase Your Energy, and Lose Weight Naturally.

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