Eating Nutrient Rich is Not About What Foods You Should Limit

By John Allen Mollenhauer “JAM”.

We are at a major shift in the nutritional landscape, about how we think about eating, and eating for health, for that matter. 

For decades, we have been operating on the “nutrient poor” model of nutrition, where nutritional advice has focused mostly on what foods and substances people should limit – saturate fat, salt (sodium), cholesterol… – as if to acknowledge their consistent presence in the diet with “a little more of the healthy stuff” to be added in.

This moderation in everything nutritional approach has been a disaster; it’s not even a nutritional principle, it’s an economic one.

The old “take your vitamins” model of eating, where people would eat their standard nutrient poor diet and then make sure they were ‘eating their veggies”, “taking a multi” or then, when they get sick “drink orange juice”, defies common sense.

Imagine nutrient rich foods as a side dish!

Today the trend is eating Nutrient Rich foods that result in health, peak function and performance, and natural weight loss as THE way to eat! If you want to include the nutrient poor stuff, if anything they are the side dish.

The beauty is, once you start eating Nutrient Rich foods, it get’s harder and harder to even consider those food stuffs as a “side dish”, because your body won’t tolerate them. Once you clean your diet up and therefore your body, just like any high performance machine, a clean machine, will not tolerate junk.

The nutrient poor approach to nutritional advice, of “what you should limit”, is also uninspiring and ineffective; especially when you consider that everywhere around us we have intelligent people promoting the very foods and substances we are supposed to limit. It’s confusing, it makes you feel left out and it gives rise to the “eat less” dieting industry.

In the book The Wellness Revolution, we learn that the nutrient poor model of nutrition was really in fact, an economic force. It had little to do with your health, and everything to do with the platform for various industries. Now I’m not into stepping on people toes, or hurting their bread and butter, but I do have a problem with industry practices that make people overweight and sick.

Don’t you?

As a result of these economic forces, most Americans today are not only overweight, but are overfed while undernourished. And it’s because they are missing out on the valuable array of nutrients their bodies need to stay healthy and function; the ones that are found in nutrient rich foods and nutrient rich food products.  

If they were to eat Nutrient Rich foods, and food products, they would get these nutrients, and they would not suffer the problems they they do when they eat nutrient poor foods that are rich in calories, stimulants (drugs) and poor in nutrients. They also wouldn’t suffer the withdrawal symptoms they experience when they try to stop and eat better. 

That is the diet trap.  

Of course eating Nutrient Rich foods, isn’t nirvana overnight, espspecially when you just begin making the transition to Nutrient Rich; there are a great many ins and outs, “nuances” to eating Nutrient Rich foods successfully, to look and feel the way you want and perform better. You can even still get overweight eating the world’s best nutrient rich foods, it’s just allot harder.

The Nutrient Rich Way (NRW) to eat has many of the same nutritional rules around around calories only the interpretation and the expereince is very different. Nutrient Rich calories are very different from nutrient poor calories and the implications are startling. The most successful way to eat for health, it is also a positive way of eating that focuses on a food’s complete nutrient profile, shifting the focus from foods to avoid to foods you enjoy.

Nutrient Rich is the “eat better” way to lose weight and when you lose weight, it happens naturally, especially when your lifestyle is successful. Eating Nutrient Rich is not like going on a diet that you need to stick to, it’s a quality standard that you set for yourself in your life and then transition to as the way you eat.

The Nutrient Rich Way is inspiring and not confusing.

The big question is, how do you make that transition, from nutrient poor to Nutrient Rich foods? This is the challenge, because it’s not just a matter of changing your diet, your body goes through allot of changes too and sometimes its difficult to interpret what’s going on.

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