The Importance of Eating Organic – video

This video is just so engaging around the idea of eating as organic as possible. It's one thing to say "eat organic", because conventionally grown foods have toxic pesticides and herbicides used in their production, or injected hormones in the case of agrifactory raised animal foods, but it's another thing to "witness" the difference as this young girl demonstrates as part of her science project.

Whether or not to eat "organic" is a very popular question. Of course, all produce foods are organic, if they weren't they wouldn't grow. It's not like a potato is "man made". It's still organic and still healthy promoting and nutrient rich. But when a food is grown organically, meaning without pesticides and herbicides and according to natural soil cycling, you get a potato that is not only more nutrient-rich, but one that is has the ability to sprout and promote nutrient rich soil, and sustainability and turnover. Simply put, organic is significantly healthier.

The moral of the story is to eat organic foods as often as you can, and maybe this video will inspire that trend for you.

Enjoy it! 

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  1. When I was younger, I refused to take nutrition seriously, as many young people unfortunately do. When I 'woke up', I was many years older & very unhealthy. Obviously Jehovah knew we needed certain types of foods which is why he created them that way. Organic fruits and veggies is fuel. Once the fuel is changed, it is no longer fuel & the odds are, they become toxic. You can't mess with what God has created. It was created that way for reasons/purpose. I'm glad to see that little girl beginning her life with exploring healthy foods. If she sticks to a healthy diet, she increases her odds of flourishing as a healthy older woman. Healthy body, healthy mind. Thanks for the vid. 🙂

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