T Colin Campbell Shares the Best Kept Secret In Health on Bill Maher

One of the many things that I appreciated about this video, besides T Colin Campbells trademark humility and characteristic directness around the influences negatively affecting our food quality and choices, is that Bill Maher was already aware of this work and able be so in tune with Dr Campbell. In other words, even as early at 1-3-5 years ago, knowledge of the findings of the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted were not even on the radar screen for most people let alone on prime time TV.

Fortunately, Real Time with Bill Maher is on HBO, so the message did not have to get watered down because of conflicts with advertisers selling message that simply underline any modicum of truth when it comes to food or the consequences of eating foods that don't promote health. In spite of that, the message of eating a plant based diet is really catching on. People want to be healthy!

The best key secret in health is the fact that you don't have to suffer from diabetes, heart disease and cancer, and you don't have to diet (proactively restrict your eating and not get your needs met) ever again, to live at or near your ideal weight. All of that changes when you start eating Nutrient Rich.

For many, that seems unbelievable! Aren't these diseases expected as you age? Yes, but only if you are eating a nutrient poor diet. Which bring up another point I noticed in this video…

T. Colin Campbell, is vegan I meaning 100% of what he eats is plant based, even though that wasn't always the case. He makes the point that you don't need animal products let alone refined foods in your diet.

You could see he was a bit hesitant though when asked if he consumed any animal products; and Bill Maher asked about whether small amounts of animal products were ok? This, is the big questions people are reconciling today. 

To eat "healthy" do I need to be a vegan or vegetarian and never eat meat?

The answer to this is NO, but that does not mean we need to promote animal products for nutritional reasons, as if you were going to be unhealthy or get skinny, or lose function without the consumption of animal foods each day. People lose function eating animal foods.

Animal foods are nutrient poor; they are rich in some nutrients, but as whole foods they are nutrient poor. Yet, you can still consume small amounts of animal products and still be eating nutrient rich on total dietary intake basis.

And that is why we promote the 90% or More Plant Based, Nutrient Rich eating style, which is less about arguing the difference between eating meat or not and more about health, personal performance and natural weight loss. If you want to or feel you need to consume small amounts of animal products in your diet at this time, that fine, but the reality is, getting to 90% or More Plant Based Nutrient Rich is the key to healthy success.

It's not about fighting the fight between plant and animal foods, it's about what's best for your body, energy metabolism, your weight, your health and your personal performance.

Video's like this, are powerful because they let you know what's going on behind the scenes and why so many people are so preoccupied with food issues, unclear about what is the best way to eat. It also let's you know that eating a plant based diet is catching on. Watch it, I hope it inspires you to move away from poor begin the making the switch to Nutrient Rich eating.

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