Boning Up on Basic Nutrition

nutritionLets do some boning up on basic nutrition.

The foods you eat supply your body with nutrients and energy you need to get through the day, through life, along with the raw materials to keep your organ systems running smoothly. Eating a diet with the right amounts of nutrients, diversity of nutrients and volume of nutrients accomplish that and nutrient rich superfoods do it with aces!

When you eat a diet with too many calories and unhealthy foods that are nutrient poor, you are at risk of becoming obese. Not only do nutrient poor foods fail to give you the nutrients you need, but they damage the body. While the occasional piece of cake or even “grass fed” burger so to speak, probably won’t hurt you significantly, making a habit of eating these kinds of foodstuffs will.

Whole, plant-based, nutrient-rich “superfoods” contain lots of nutrients by their very nature so a superfood “healthy” eating style, makes it easy to get the the nutrients you need without all the unwanted calories and disease-promoting substances.

Picking out foods is easier when you understand what nutrients are and what they do in your body. Micronutrients are the health promoting substances in foods that your body uses operate all of its systems from the immune system to the detoxification system and several others. Macronutrients are, generally speaking, what the body uses for energy and to build tissues. Their are also special nutrients called phytochemicals, thousands of them, that protect the body.

If you are eating a nutrient poor diet that does not provide your body with all the nutrients it needs to succeed, with “significant” amounts of substance the body does not need, and far from it’s natural state, disease follows. If you eat a nutrient rich diet, all that changes and you get health.

Do you want to maximize your health and life potential? Just start eating nutrient rich, and it will lead to learning how to live a healthy life successfully.

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