Dr. Fuhrman on Why Nutrient Rich Eating is Unique and Essential to Your Success – Part 4 – Animal Products

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But certainly, there are plenty of people who live to be 100, and eat some animal products. It's clear, you can’t have many animal products in your diet, because animal products, especially the animal-product we eat today, because the animal products today are much more polluted than animal products of yesteryears. They’re richer in saturated, unhealthy fat and they’re not raised in the forest. They’re raised on farms, with much more sources of pollution.

And, of course, any diet style, even if you eat a primitive diet rich in animal products, takes away from our diet the phytochemicals and the nutrient densities we would get if we ate a diet richer in the phytochemical-rich food. So just like if you eat a diet richer in bagels and even maybe whole wheat bread, it’s not going to be an ideal diet because you’re not eating enough vegetables, fruits, beans, lots of seeds. In other words, it takes away calories from your plate that could have been consumed as nutrient-rich foods that we can eat a lot of in today’s society. We have to have a high level of these nutrients on our tissues to prevent disease especially in this stressful environment.

Animal products are nutrient poor. There are groups all over the world, like the paleo crowd that would like to debate that and promote cholesterol rich, saturated unhealthy fat and protein rich foods as nutrient rich and simply put, they are not. When you learn the Nutritarian, nutrient rich way to eat you will understand why.

But whether or not you eat animal products is not the only issue when it comes to healthy eating. Many communities make this the central issue of the great food or health debate, and it is a major one, but this debate also takes the focus off of the central issue and one of the most powerful ways of looking at food and that is the nutrient qualities of the food. From this perspective, animal products fall so far short of what meets are needs, it makes no sense to base a diet in these foods or eat them in significant quantities.

A nutritarian or nutrient rich way of evaluating the quality of your diet, is much more inclusive of a broader array of dietary attributes than most other approaches to eating.

A basic nutritional education can help you understand this, like you will get here.

Its exciting and very liberating!

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Dr. Fuhrman is a New York Times best-selling author, nutritional researcher and board certified family physician specializing in nutritional medicine.  Learn more by visiting his informative website at DrFuhrman.com.

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