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I trust you are having a pretty good summer, heat and tumultuous government craziness aside.  

I am emailing you more frequently these days, for several reasons, some of which I will mention below, as I deliver Part 3 of the most recent series on why the body of knowledge we call Nutrient Rich "Nutritional Excellence" is so important to your success.

==>> Part 3: Avoiding Excess Toxicity and Deficiency.

It's derived from a valuable teleconference with Joel Fuhrman M.D in 2006, that is timeless, and I wanted to share it with you as we ready for release of The Nutrient Rich Way to Eat in September.

I think this perspective on the field will help you.

In each post, I'm segmenting the information around some of Dr. Fuhrman's key points, such as healthy aging, controlling hunger, avoiding toxicity and deficiency and more

The most important point to take home is that we need to be careful about buying into a limited viewpoint on healthy eating. Nutrient Rich Nutrition is about excellence and not about perfection. It assembles the insights of many bodies of nutritional knowledge and is not limited to the view points of just one.

Reminds me of Bruce Lee, and why he would eat this way. He formed a new Martial Art called Jeet Kune Do; a form of martial arts that did not conspire to one form or fighting point of view. It was an assembly of forms to ensure that the fighter was more prepared and able to be more successful than if she only understood one.

As the saying goes, in Jeet Kune Do, there is a difference between "having no form" (like eating and drinking whatever) and "have no form", (meaning, you know many forms of knowledge and practice, but you know how to apply the right idea at the right time).

Nutritional Excellence is based on that kind of thinking and that's why think Bruce Lee would eat in a nutrient rich way. He would seek excellence, not dogma, myth and certainly not the standard American or westernized diet!


Here are a few reasons why I am emailing you more and why you will likely see this message in your inbox every day or at least every other day.

1) I am more engaged than ever promoting nutrient rich nutritional excellence, because I am more convicted that ever before that when you eat up to 90% or More, Plant Based Nutrient Rich, and do it right, (minus the myths) which is not that hard to do, the cornerstone of a successful lifestyle is in place.

2) Nutrient Rich eating delivers on "The Promise", that you can stay healthy, function and perform well, live at or near your ideal weight, look younger age slower and maximize your longevity. Tall order, but true!

3) I want you to benefit the experience of eating up to 90% or More Plant Based Nutrient Rich and all the great tasting foods while you literally transform your confidence, how you look, feel and perform. 

Here's the link again to the next part in the series with Dr. Fuhrman.

==>> Part 3: Avoiding Excess Toxicity and Deficiency.

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  1. Great post! I notice Whole Foods is serving the kale/avocado/tomato salad these days. Yum! I plan to make it at home now. Thanks for the recipe.
    Love the vintage video. Must try that Garbanzo Bean Salad!

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