An Introduction to Simple Quick and Easy Recipes

You’re busy. We get it!

Even if you weren’t, why make more out of things than there needs to be, especially when it comes to eating your food? One of the biggest reasons why people don’t prepare their own meals and opt for takeout fast food, most of which is nutrient poor, is time. True, sometimes we literally just don’t have time, so that’s why it makes sense to know how to eat on the go, and have solutions in place. We can help you with this here.

But when we can sit down for a meal, people buy into the myth that they have no time, and therefore they don’t have any. So you think so it goes. The truth is that they do actually have time—they just don’t time for traditionally prepared meals, or the food prep skills necessary to make delicious, health-promoting, nutrient rich meals, or an understanding of how to prepare simple quick and easy recipes for nutrient rich meals.

Simple quick and easy recipes for nutrient rich meals are what’s new. 

Over the last 100 years, we have become a society that has been trained in cooking animal products and refined foods, most of which have a very long shelf life, are one ingredient strong (such as “chicken”) along with seasonings, or are so refined, packaged and varied that there is an entire cooking industry built around teaching us to shop, prepare, organize and eat out this way.

The problem is that this process has taken the attention of generations of people away from understanding and appreciating the power of natural plant foods, which are where virtually all nutrients come from, and instead focused us on eating on predominantly nutrient-poor foods. A Nutrient Rich Healthy Eating style is different.

First, it is based on whole plant foods, many of which do not have long shelf lives, but certainly long enough to remain relatively convenient. In addition, while whole foods exist in an abundance of amazing varieties, most of us are unfamiliar with most of them other than the usual ones—bananas, apples, oranges, tomatoes, carrots, celery, cucumbers and romaine lettuce.

Aside from being unfamiliar with many whole foods, we are also unfamiliar with their nutritional values. Once you start learning how many phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals and how much protein, etc., can be found in the whole foods you will be eating, you will be floored. This will become the most amazing part of your entire discovery process. For example, do you know that there is protein in all natural foods and that a head of romaine lettuce is approximately 50% protein and 18% healthy fat, by calorie, which is more protein, per calorie, than chicken?

The same is true for other green vegetables, like broccoli. In fact, 100 calories of broccoli, which is about 12 oz. of food, contains more protein than 100 calories of ground sirloin, which is just 1 oz. of food. These are just a few of the countless aha’s you will be discovering on your nutrient-rich healthy eating path, and these new facts will help to compel you to eat differently.

Simple Quick and Easy Recipes are about eating predominantly plant-based, nutrient-rich foods (100% plant based or Vegan if you choose), so that you get all the nutrients you need, avoid what you don’t need from food, and protect the integrity of the foods you consume by eating them in ways that are as close to their natural state as possible. This enables you to nourish and detoxify, stabilize and strengthen your body without adding the nutritional stress so many people suffer from.

Nourish, Detoxify, Stabilize, Strengthen and Optimize

It is also about consuming this fuel in fun ways that are Simple, Quick & Easy. 

This means that you do NOT need to know how to cook to get started preparing foods that enable you to get all the benefits and Success Results of Nutrient Rich® Healthy Eating, for Life!
Every recipe, not including optional ingredients, contains five whole food ingredients or less, with no more than one to three instructions, some of which are as simple as “eat!” There are many levels of nutrient-rich eating that you can engage in, and within the pages of Simple, Quick & Easy you will learn the first three.

To learn more, get a copy of the Simple Quick and Easy Recipes.

Here’s a sample Simple, Quick & Easy Recipe.

Simple, Quick & Easy Recipes
Simple, Quick & Easy Recipes



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