Dr. Fuhrman on Why Nutrient Rich Eating is Unique and Essential to Your Success – Part 1 – Healthy Aging

Hi, I'm John Allen Mollenhauer, founder of Nutrient Rich.com.

As a Nutrition Education Trainer who delivers the lifestyle perspective on the subject of healthy eating, I teach a body of knowledge known as Nutritional Excellence. It's not a weight loss program per say, its the science and practical understanding of , great tasting, healthy eating  that we teach you and give you structure around so you can apply it, for life.

When you learn what to eat, how to eat healthy and why as part of your lifestyle, you will lose weight naturally among a host of other benefits, such as optimal health, aging slower and looking younger and maximizing your longevity.

What's so you unique about Nutrient Rich "Nutritional Excellence" as we call it, is that it's not based on one singular idea of nutrition which so many camps in the nutritional field are based on. For example: thinking that the glycemic Index of foods is all that matters is limited thinking, yet, many people think this quality of food is all they need to pay attention too and it's just not true. The examples are endless.

Here you will learn more about the bigger picture of Nutrient Rich nutrition or "Nutritional Excellence". This is great perspective if you really want to be successful with healthy eating for life.

Below is part 1 of a series that explains why Nutrient Rich healthy eating is essential to your success. I am focusing on insights gleamed from a transcribed 2-21-06 Tele Conference, delivered by Joel Fuhrman M.D, one of the leaders in the nutrient rich revolution who did a great job explaining the idea.

Dr. Fuhrman: 

Essentially, I just wanted to talk about what this body of knowledge is that we are teaching.  What we call Eat to Live, the name of my book, or what we just call, "nutritional excellence" or nutrient rich eating for excellent health or to live longer free of disease and not to be relying on medical care, whatever your reasons for doing this is. 

Let’s just describe the features that highlight this way of living, so we can kind of put it together to make it clear what we’re doing and why, and then, differentiate it from what other people think or do so we can be clear.  Those of us who are into this way of thinking, living and eating, what are the concepts and the highlights that make it different?

We know, for example that the average American male lives about to be about 74; the average American female is about 77.  So the average American lives about 75 years old.  That’s not very good.  Clearly, we can do a lot better than that and certainly, there are a lot of people who live past a hundred in the history of the world.  And with what we know about science, nutrition, lifespan, longevity, why can’t we all live to be over a hundred with good health?  I think that’s not an unrealistic goal especially considering, if we look at a lot of the people that have survived a long time, we find that people who live a long time, in their 70s, their 80s, and their 90s, they’re not really sick people.  They are pretty healthy people in their 80s and 90s.  They’re living a pretty good life.  So in other words, people who live a long time are not generally very, very sick. 

People who are very sick don’t usually live a long time and there are certain characteristics that we can look at of people who manage to survive a long time and we can put it together with the body of knowledge I teach.  And that body of knowledge draws from a lot of other past bodies of knowledge.  It takes the benefits or advantages from a lot of different schools of thought and fuses the best from many different ideas and puts them together in a way that’s most logical and scientific to enable us to interpret why people get sick, why people die young, why people are overweight.  In other words, how we can have robust heath for later years. 

So clearly, going for 75 years of age to a hundred years of age for the average person I believe is possible and I think that’s one of the goals of learning this body of knowledge.  It should enable most people to achieve that leap from 75 years of age where you’re sick at 65 or 60 to 75 to be able to live to be a hundred where you’re not sick or certainly not very sick from 90-100, and relatively in good health until you pretty much weaken and die about somewhere between 100 to105 or 110.  And true, there are people that live to be 114, 120 but those are exceedingly rare.  And that would take a tremendous amount of luck and genetics besides just good health to achieve that. 

So one thing we’re certain when we look at people who live a long time.  None of them are overweight.  You can’t really be significantly overweight and expect to live a long time.  You have to be of a relatively normal weight.                                 

> Stay tuned for Part 2 Control Overeating

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