Your New Years Resolution – Superfood Eating, It’s in Season!

On behalf of our entire lifestyle team, I’m writing to wish you a Happy New Year! We hope that 2013 will bring you an ever-deepening understanding of your lifestyle, an ever-better life experience, and the freedom that comes with understanding how to eat and fuel your body with superfoods that are in season, so that you can live free of weight and health issues.

As we move into another year of this precious life, I know that many of us are asking: What is it that really matters this year? What do I want to achieve and how am I going to do that?

So I have a question for you…

When you make your New Year’s resolutions, will they be about the small but potentially still significant things like– when you’re going to start eating better, or how many pounds you intend to shed or if you’ll eat 3 or 5 times per day as compared to last year; or, will they be about something broader and deeper?

As you may know, my team and I don’t just see ourselves as nutrition education trainers alone, we see ourselves a health coaches, and even more broadly, “lifestyle” coaches. We are interested in helping you make big changes that yield big results in your quality of life.

We are interested in helping you get free of weight and health issues, so you can focus on your lifestyle to achieve your life goals, without the distractions that excess pounds and poor health present.

There’s nothing wrong with making small commitments, but are they really enough for you and who you yearn to become, what you long for and to do in this world?

If not, perhaps you’re ready to step into something bigger and more radical–daring to fulfill your passion and evolve past weight or health issues?

If you are, keep reading.

If you really want to resolve how you eat and its effects, it’s going to require more than yet another simple-minded, single-variable, impotent idea about food and nutrition. It’s going to require a big idea, a potent one, the will to make a “shift” (even if you start with baby steps) and a plan to follow through.

Earlier this week, I sent you a message saying “Resolve to do this in 2013“, I’m referring to learning how to Fuel Your Body right.

To do that, here’s the decision you’ll need to make…

Are you going to keep eating the same SAD (nutrient poor) foods most people eat, up to 90% or more of the time?


Are you going to make the Switch to eating predominantly nutrient-rich foods, in the great tasting ways we have learned will completely transform your health– the way you look, feel and perform– and longevity?

This is a big idea. It’s potent, and when you make this shift or “Switch” as we like to call it, you can be sure big results will follow.

If there is one thing I’ve learned about the way we are eating today. Small changes are good, but big changes are what most of us need. And it’s easier to make big changes than small ones, contrary to the way it appears.

So resolve to make a big and significant change this year. Make the Switch to Nutrient Rich Healthy Eating and I promise you, your lifestyle and your ability to achieve your goals, will improve dramatically.

Heads up for January:

This year, starting in January, we are making it so simple to make the Switch– the change our egos thinks needs to be hard but isn’t.

I’ll be revealing ReZealiant Living– low calorie, micronutrient-rich Superfood Drinks with a series of simple guides that get right to the heart of how to eat More Plant-Based, Nutrient Rich® for truly natural weightloss, dramatically improved health and personal performance!

It’s all part of the new Whole Food Nutrition System™ we are offering that will enable you to…

  1. Start eating the world’s best foods, in just minutes, with Superfood Drinks throughout the day, combined with the most flexible, lifestyle-designed nutrition plan ever!
  2. Get professional support for just $4 a day with our new Health Coach Club and its Nutrivention Program. (It’s like an intervention for food, that get’s you on the right track quickly)
  3. Make the Switch to nutrient-rich healthy eating, with the 4-step lifestyle plan that outlines the most direct path to success and educates you for supreme confidence.

Over the past year, I put together the 4-Step Nutrient Rich Healthy Eating Plan and support to help people take the way they eat to a whole new level, starting with the PDQ assessment.

It’s the Step by Step way to learn how to really eat healthy “nutrient rich”. It covers everything from making “the Switch” to learning how to shop, organize, prepare and eat out, make Simple Quick & Easy Meals (5 ingredients or less), and learn how to lose-weight the nutrient rich way–no longer depriving your body of both the amount of food you want or the nutrients you need for your body to function and perform well… at or near it’s ideal weight all year round!

You can get the plan here at 50% off it’s regular price.

It will explain why and how to eat lower calorie, micronutrient rich superfoods the majority of the time, to achieve not only a slimmer body, but all 7 Healthy Success Results Every Body Wants, to…

1 – Detoxify your body
2 – Drop the weight of the past
3 – Reverse Lifestyle-induced disease reversal (from hypertension to heart disease)
4 – Dramatically improve your health
5 – Age slower (literally)
6 – Look younger
7 – Live longer..

All with the same great tasting, and super convenient eating style!

The thing is, if you’re going to get all of those results, you’ll need to make one simple wholehearted decision and that is, to begin switching up the way you eat, from predominantly nutrient-poor to More Plant-Based, Nutrient-Rich® eating.

It’s the only way to eat to look, feel and perform the way you want, without compromising your health and longevity.

How do you do it?

The answer is it’s tried and true, but it’s never been available the way is offering it January 2013.

I’ve been working on a strategy to make this combination of micronutrient rich Superfood Drinks and Meals possible without compromising the natural order of whole foods for some time. And now, come January, we’ll be offering it to YOU– the person who wants to eat in the healthiest way they can, and make it work amidst a very business schedule.

Remember, if you think you can’t do it, you won’t do it; so that’s why we are focusing on a way that enables everyone to be able to do it (eat truly healthy) in 2013. It’s the only way that works!

Stay tuned for the Jumpstart in Early January! It’s the most flexible, lifestyle-designed nutrition plan ever and it will help you re “zeal” your life!

Happy New Year!

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