New Resolve in 2013—Learn How to Fuel Your Body

Dear Friends:

If you are the type of person who year, after year, makes the same resolution to lose weight and get healthy, but can never quite make this happen, you are not alone; countless people do this every year and it happens for many reasons—from 1) Not really intending to follow through, 2) Not knowing where to start, or 3) Simply approaching this aim in faulty ways.

Make this year different! Make 2013 The Year that you finally look, feel and perform better, by learning how to Fuel Your Body, with more plant-based nutrient-rich superfoods and meals.

In the past, I’ve talked a lot about making the Switch to Rich—Nutrient Rich Healthy Eating. I’ve explained the importance of having an eating style that is 90% or More Plant-Based Nutrient Rich™. These guidelines are still as true as ever! Many of you bought The Nutrient Rich Healthy Eating Plan, engaged the entire nutrition system on including the Reader’s Forum, and truly started learning how to make the Switch. Kudos to those of you who finally took charge of your eating style by learning how to eat in the healthiest way possible!

That said, I realize that there are still many of you who are on the fence—and this is quite understandable. Making the Switch to Rich is a real game changer. For most people, eliminating or significantly reducing highly-addicting, nutrient-poor foods like meat and dairy products, and nutrient-barren foods laden with refined and added sugars, fatty oils, and salt sounds difficult. It is not!

I guarantee that once you start eating in a nutrient-rich way where your body begins to detoxify, and you start to lose weight naturally and feel healthier and healthier, more energetic and alert, you will lose your desire to make poor food choices.

But that is not the big message this year. In some ways, the diet, health and nutrition appeal to change is not really the best “context” for learning what to eat, when and how. Which is why, in 2013, I am going to introduce the new context for healthy eating, called Fueling Your Body–after all, this is the primary reason we should be eating and there is much more to fueling your body than eating calories!

Most people, no matter what you tell them, are still mired in diet thinking because they haven’t been fueling their body right for years, maybe decades. They believe that the only way to lose weight is to go on a diet where they eat less of the foods they are already eating, or try to add some more fruits and veggies into the mix to eat “healthier”.

As you know, this is what I call the vicious cycle of eating nutrient poor. Weight loss-only dieting and eating “healthier” will never result in the look, feel and performance you want for your body. If all you do is manipulate calories, and don’t make a wholehearted decision to starting fueling your body by switching to premium, nutrient-rich eating, you are on a diet and will never get down to or sustain living at or near ideal weight—no matter how many veggies and fruits you eat in addition to nutrient-poor foods.

If this sounds like you—I would like for you to think over what I am about to say very carefully. You need to stop thinking in terms of calories right now, and start thinking in terms of nutrients. If you do this, you will naturally eat fewer calories, without having to think about how to manipulate them.

Fuel Your Body is the theme for 2013. This year, I am encouraging you to stop worrying about calories altogether, and to start thinking in terms of maximizing micronutrient intake. You will be blown away how many fewer calories you will need when you eat more plant-based micronutrient-rich super foods, as you will soon learn how to do, by combining Superfood Drinks with Nutrient Rich Meals. I explain it all in the Plan.

  1. When the body gets the nutrients it needs, it is satisfied and works optimally. When we feed the body nutrients found in whole foods, your body’s needs get met. It knows just what to do with those nutrients and uses them to get rid of the gunk we have inside. It starts repairing and improving all of our body functions and systems. Like a car is fueled when it gets gas, so are we when we fuel our bodies with with mostly nutrient-rich superfoods.
  2. When we feed the body foods that do not serve the body well, the body has to focus it’s vital energy on breaking down nutrient-poor and nutrient-barren foods, and removing toxins and chemicals, which have infiltrated our bodies and likely made us overweight and sick. When this happens, the body has to work extra hard to get rid of these toxins, leaving it with far less energy to keep us healthy, energetic and able to fight off illnesses. We also age faster and look older when we eat nutrient poor.

When we are stuck worrying about calories and the outmoded four food groups and RDA Pyramid, we are really operating like an old, broken down car. Sure, we can drive, but we are continually breaking down and just getting by—(surviving, not thriving as you’ve heard) hoping to be able to tackle even the easiest of chores and operations at work.

There are many days when we just can’t perform as well as we want to, and it’s largely (not only) because our bodies are overwhelmed by food.

When you fuel the body with the proper amounts of nutrient-rich foods: vegetables, greens, beans/legumes, fruits, nuts/seeds and whole grains, on a day-to-day basis, you will emerge with a new body—a new you. Just like when a car gets an infusion of clean gasoline in its engine, you too will get an infusion of healthy, nutrient-rich food, which will fuel your body with nutrients and enable you to achieve the 7 healthy success results every body wants.

That’s basically what to eat… why, when and how is what I want to teach you.

To help you Fuel Your Body in the best ways possible, I will introduce you to the Rezealiant Living line of micronutrient-rich superfood drinks that I have been showcasing on for the past few months. I am sure you have seen them in the store. I have also mentioned them in recent issues of my newsletter, but now I would like to truly explain how they work and why they are a healthy addition to a nutrient-rich eating style, by enabling you to Fuel Your Body, even when you don’t have time for a sit down meal.

Let’s face it, millions of otherwise smart people can’t be that lazy; rather, they are just too busy to eat ideally, and we can’t live that any more. So, we must remove any and all reasons why we can’t eat in the healthiest way possible in 2013, and make it possible for everyone to eat larger volumes of lower calorie, micronutrient-rich superfoods, by combining drinks and sit-down nutrient-rich meals that enable you to fuel your body right, in ways you enjoy.

This is the tried and true solution, as long as the drinks (also including shakes or smoothies) are not compromised concoctions of foodstuffs that you would never find in natural foods.

This year, I’m going to show you How to Combine Low-Calorie, Micronutrient Rich, “Superfood Drinks” with More Plant-Based, Nutrient-Rich Meals to Lose Weight Naturally and Dramatically Improve Your Health and Performance! 

I hope you enjoy reading all of the articles we’ll be posting on this topic of Whole Food Nutrition and that you will join me in Fueling Your Body in 2013. I assure you that living your best has never tasted better!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


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