Nutrient-Rich is a Quality Standard Not a Diet.

In my last post, I walked about setting a new quality standard for the way you eat in 2020. Why? Because the dieting industry will keep you chasing your tail for decades before you ever really learn how to eat; and as a Performance Lifestyle Trainer and Coach, I’ve never been able to stand by and watch that happen.

I can’t tell you how many times I get into debates with diet guru’s who don’t know the cornerstone of nutrition… the nutrient density of the food you eat. They want to debate what nutrient density means, what the definition of what a nutrient-rich food means and the like, because they don’t know. You can see the definition here.

Plant foods rich in the micronutrients, starting with phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals and macronutrients—health-promoting protein, real-food carbohydrate, healthy fat, fiber and water to function, stay healthy and perform well. They don’t contain substances your body doesn’t need in any significant quantity.

Most gurus are lost in the weight and muscle building world and are, therefore, lost in the juggling and debating of various %s of macronutrients in the food that never seems to resolve itself and millions of unsuspecting (well, maybe suspecting at this point) spend years never really learning how to eat.

When they see that I have a website called is becomes a debate between a Nutrient-Rich diet and their diet, when the reality is that “nutrient-rich” is not a diet at all. It’s quality standards and most aligned with Joel Fuhrman MD’s Nutritarian style diet which completely breaks the mold of how diet is explained in the market.

And the truth is, you can eat “nutritarian” or “nutrient-rich” or a “high-nutrient density” diet in countless ways, though there are some guidelines. And that’s why it’s a quality standard more than an exact diet. The thing you need to pay attention to in 2020, is whether or not you understand, what it means to eat nutrient-rich and if you are eating a diet that maintains a nutrient-rich quality standard.

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