2010 Dietary Guidelines Say Eat a Nutrient Rich Diet

Nutrient Density ChartThe 2010- Dietary Guidelines put out by the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee  (DGAC) and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) are clearer than I have ever read them before; though still somewhat watered down because it’s a government agency with interests behind the scenes.

The 2010 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee concludes ” that good health and optimal functioning across the life span are achievable goals but require a lifestyle approach including a total diet that is energy  balanced and nutrient dense (Nutrient Rich).

What I thought was so telling about this year’s dietary guidelines is that, unlike the 2005 Dietary Guidelines, that promoted nutrient density as the “Cornerstone of Nutrition” (further inspiring me to launch nutrientrich.com at that time) was that the 2010 Dietary Guidelines explicitly state to “shift food patterns to a more plant based diet that emphasizes vegetables, cooked/dry beans and peas, fruits, whole grains, nuts and seeds. (a period, then…). “In addition (meaning as a secondary class off food) more seafood an low fat dairy products, in all other animal product in “moderation”.

Of course, to the trained eye, we know that they need to promote animal products since the USDA is comprised of the dairy and beef boards, regardless of whether they are the optimal food choices; but never before have they been so subtly clear about what to eat with language like “plant based” and by mentioning those foods that are nutrient dense (Nutrient Rich) with of course, the right foods first.

I just read the guidelines Executive Summary to a client here at The Lifestyle Coaching Center from where we operate and upload content to nutrientrich.com, and she was so happy to hear that it wasn’t this one lifestyle coach (guy) alone, who was telling her to eat a plant based Nutrient Rich diet. Now she could see that even the government is on board with eating a plant based Nutrient Rich diet.

Why such a meaningful change in the dietary guidelines?

Simply put, they say (and I paraphrase), “Obesity is our single biggest health threat“. They go on to say that ” adopting healthy dietary patterns, population- wide, is a daunting public health challenge because of the powerful influences that currently promote unhealthy consumer choices, behaviors and lifestyles.”

As a lifestyle trainer and coach, I am well aware that this is a daunting challenge, but particularly for people who have not had any lifestyle training on how to live a healthy lifestyle successfully, and or coaching, and don’t have the ongoing support.

But I will tell you this right here:

You can get the training that will help you live a healthy lifestyle successfully, live at or near your ideal weight and achieve even your most ambitious life goals.

One of the core essentials of a successful lifestyle (or what’s becoming known as a PerformanceLifestyle) is a Nutrient  Rich diet. This is not rigid or fixed way of eating, (the specific foods you eat are always unique to you) but it is a quality standard and a diet style essential to your body functioning and performing well throughout your lifestyle span.

Hat’s off to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines, for taking the next step in promoting guidelines that actually promote health. There is still a ways to go, but their message is clear, Eat a Nutrient Rich Diet. That what we are privileged to help you do here in 2010 at nutrientrich.com.

John Allen Mollenhauer, known as John Allen or “JAM”, is the co-author of The Curse of the Capable. He is a leading authority in what’s known as Performance Lifestyle Training and coaching, founder of The Lifestyle Coaching Center and solutions such as NutrientRich® and MyTrainer®

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