A Nutrient Rich Birthday – for JAM

Hi Friends, another year has gone by and today I’m 44. If you don’t know me yet, I’m John Allen Mollenhauer founder of nutrientrich.com.

It’s a nice sounding number, I own it and I’m looking forward to a great year ahead. The Party hasn’t taken place yet, but today, over lunch, with a few friends and associates, I had a wonderful birthday lunch and I wanted to share it with you.

I used the the picture to the left, for this post, because it shows you that a cake can be anything you want it to be, just like any other style of food. Now this wasn’t my cake today, but If I had the time, you can bet I would have bought, or made it, and most definitely eaten it.

My cake was a more traditional cake this go-around, although, when I do eat a more traditional cake, you can be sure it uses plant-based ingredients, and is “better” and more nutrient rich than most cakes. But as you may be coming to know, as a Nutrient Rich Healthy Eater, you don’t need to be an idealist, even though that urge to eat better is always there.

Here’s a picture of the my birthday cake this year. It was a carrot cake from Whole Foods.

JAM’s Birthday Cake

I have to say I love carrot cakes and have had them on all ends of the spectrum from the traditional ones, to the vegan brand, to the whole foods plant-based nutrient rich version, and of course that’s the best one of all.

But hey, get what you can!

And this is what my associates got for me, and I rarely turn down a gift of love, even if it’s not “the best” or most “nutrient rich.” Love always supersedes–and I loved this cake!

Mmmmm — Happy Birthday to me!!!












Finger food.
But now, let’s get into the rest of the meal.

Fruit Cupcakes. Yum! The figs, might just be my most favorite food in the world. Next to, hummus!
















Hummus, a quinoa salad to diet for, and salsa












































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