A Video from John Allen’s Recent Q&A Session Regarding A Screening of Forks Over Knives in NJ

I was recently asked to speak at a Forks Over Knives movie screening, in Benardsville NJ, which was hosted by Liz Dee. While I love speaking at events, and do so often, I was especially excited to speak at this one because not only is the subject of the movie a passion of mine, but the movie features some of nutrientrich.com’s friends and advisers: Caldwell Esselstyn MD, T. Colin Campbell PhD, and Pam Popper PhD,

This is an amazing movie and is one everyone should see at least once! I say this not only because this movie is helping thousands of people begin making the switch to a more plant-based nutrient-rich diet, but because it highlights the works of some of the biggest giants in the healthy-eating movement, including the authors of The China Study and those involved in preventing and Reversing Heart Disease. It’s a combination of On Golden Pond and a hard-hitting expose of the truths about eating and what can happen when you stop eating nutrient poor and start eating in a plant-based healthy way.

I was asked to give a short talk and answer some of the questions that were prompted by the film. In this approximate 7-minute clip, I answer a number of niche questions about olive oil, soy, pesticides, organic food, and deliver a whole bunch of other insights. Enjoy it. The event was a lot of fun! I implore you to see the movie, if you haven’t already done so.

Today, there are so many people looking to find a way out of the vicious cycle of eating nutrient poor, and this movie screening just created another ripple in the big pond!

If you want to learn more about having me speak at your next event, click here.

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