A true diet revolution doesn’t go bankrupt: Atkins

“NEW YORK (Aug. 1) – The company behind the Atkins Diet, standard bearer for the low-carbohydrate diet craze that put some bakeries and pasta makers out of business in its heyday, has itself filed for bankruptcy as U.S. consumers have tired of the once-sizzling fad.

Atkins Nutritionals Inc., which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Sunday in New York bankruptcy court, said there was still a bright future for the company in weight loss. It plans to pare back its operations to focus on selling nutrition bars and shakes”.

Understand that Atkins is in the weight loss business, they are going to fight like hell to stay in the weight loss business and they are now paying the price for being in the weight loss business the way they were, leading millions of people astray, with dietary reccomendations that utimately make people overweight and sick.

There is a reason why this company is going bankrupt; becuase it cheated people by getting people to cheat themselves, eating nutrient poor food, making up the difference with supplementation and ultimately eating less – classic diet traps!

Now look at Atkins, holding on to the “weight loss bars and shakes” business. Hmmm that sounds like a compelling “lifestyle”. I bet you can’t wait to sign up for a “low carb lifestyle” of nutrition bars and shakes!

The purpose of the Atkins business and its intentions were pitiful and I’m not saying that from vegan or vegetarian perspective, becuase I am neither, and nor did I have it out for Atkins. It was just plain to see what they were up to and there are reasons why the 9% of the public stopped eating low carb foods and now only 2% do.

– They were getting overweight and sick

– They were sick of dieting, eating expensive foods, and missing their natural and primary fuel source, carbohydrates.

– Atkins ultimately died of heart disease and was overweight when he died ( I know this first hand becuase John McDougall MD – Nutrient Rich Advisor – saw the autopsy reports)

– Every health agency in the land was against this, from the ADA to the AMA, to the NIH …

– Everyone knows that a low carb Oreo cookie isn’t health promoting and that there is far better food available.

You now get the idea… get off your low carb diet and start eating Nutrient Rich.

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