Disease Proof Your Child – Disease Proof Your Body

I spent the day yesterday with best selling author Joel Fuhrman M.D. Author of the new book, Disease Proof Your Child. What a hit this book is.

Not only does it make the point that what you eat early in life is critical to your long term health and success, it reinforces the point that what you eat during any period of your life is vital to your health and success.

Get that “you are what you eat” and this old adage has not changed. Food technology is not going to change a thing.

Nutrition is to your body what contruction is to a building. If you use poor quality materials you are going to have problems, weakness, imbalances, waste problems, etc… it’s relatively the same in the human system.

You have to understand the quality of your food.

If you want to look and feel better, and perform better, you have to eat better and do it in ways that you find great tasting, convenient and enjoyable in your life.

The feeling, fitness and function of your body is wholly dependent on the food you eat.

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