Alchemy for the dinner table…

Science has a quest for tasty, fat-free, life-preserving additives.

Imagine eating low fat fried chicken. It sounds like a contradiction doesn’t it? Well that’s what being produced.
The processed food industry is all about enabling you to have your cake and eat it too.

There is nothing wrong with eating Nutrient Rich cake, but eating the kind of cake food scientists are trying to get you to eat, with fat blockers and more chemicals than you can shake a stick at or read, to block natural body processes that occur when faced with a threat the integrity of your body as you are when you eat even low fat fried chicken, is a whole other issue. Low fat fried chicken is not serving you well. Actually it is down right diet trapping you.

“With two thirds of Americans considered overweight, yet professing that they desire to eat healthier, every major food producer and food-ingredient company has ordered its scientists to fin the hold grail; products that have less bad stuff, – fat, sugar, white flour and salt – or more good stuff like whole grains, fiber and fish oil.”Business Day, New York Times.

But the problem is some of these ingredients while natural are no longer part fo their natural food, rendering them useless or they are modified and simply unnatural to your system.

For example, many foods touting high fiber, are using modified cornstarch, becuase this additive cannot be broken down until it reaches the colon, much like the natural fiber found in fruits and vegetables. But does modified cornstarch have the same health effect as natural fiber in whold food? NO! You’re missing thousands of phyto nutrients that are there to protect and nourish your system, not to mention the basic 40 essential nutrients that are just not in fried chicken that would normally be packaged with that fiber, and modified cornstart is a world away from natural fiber.

If you want to eat, modified food, you’re going to get modified health and it’s no good. This is a $550 billion dollar industry that is on purpose to keep you diet trapped eating foods that will keep you trapped, overweight and unhealthy for life, albeit wrapped up in low fat, high fiber “healthier” packaging.

Health is a product of eating foods that are health promoting in great tasting ways, not fat free chocolate wafers. This is a sham.

There are 7 billion people on the planet I guess you have to keep em’ busy doing somthing, selling something. It’s just that some are selling you junk, a wolf in sheeps clothing.

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