The Ultimate Diet Trap: why we are overweight…

    Why are we overweight?

… We are eating “nutrient poor” food! This is the ultimate diet trap and virtually all dieting methods are born becuase of nutrient poor food; foods that do not serve our needs.

Yes, there are other reasons, like less activity and a host of reasons that are causing that that need to be dealt with, but let’s deal with primary issues, issues that cause lots of other problems that we wouldn’t have to deal with if we addressed the root cause.

    Today we are eating diets that are 97% nutrient poor and only 7% Nutrient Rich,

… according to Joel Fuhrman M.D., member of the Nutrient Rich Lifestyle Health and Science advisory Team; and as a result we experience the same “survival” standard of health most people experience – with overweight and illness part of a predictable and inevitable future.

We’re beginning to think that aging is earmarked by imminent illness and the overweight condition. This is not true. We are overweight in large part because we’re eating nutrient poor quality food; we’re full, but unfulfilled, overfed and undernourished and it’s driving us to over consume.

It doesn’t matter if you eat low calorie, low fat, low carb, portion control, or consume every pill and powder on the planet, if what you’re eating is nutrient poor you will be dieting for the rest of your life, prone to becoming overweight and a primary participant in the disease-based economy we now have.

    It should come as no surprise to you,

… that our society is overweight and getting more so with each passing year. See At the same time there is an ever growing arsenal of diet schemes designed to help you lose weight, with lofty rules, point systems, and elaborate plans, many of which obliterate certain food groups all together. Low calorie low fat, low carbohydrate, high protein, liquid diets, supplement-based diets and portion control diets abound; all essentially promoting the idea that you need to “eat less”.

Blood type diets, diets based on the glycemic index and other stories about why you are getting overweight, accentuate simple scientific facts to the point of taking them out of context, and often omit or downplay important points that would change the story. They establish new ways of eating that are not “normal or natural”. Truly, it is much simpler than all this.

For many people it is true, it would be in their best interests to eat less, but herein lay the mistake most of us make; eating less of the very foods that are causing you to overeat and get overweight, is not the answer. I’m referring to what you’ll come to understand as eating nutrient poor foods; the foods that are proliferating in westernized diets that target your taste buds first and foremost, but do not fully serve your needs to also be satisfied and nourished and; foods that promote the overweight condition.

    When your you’re overfed and undernourished,

… and then try to eat less, what you’ll come to know as “dieting”, will in effect drive you to eat more. If you eat low quality “nutrient poor” food, despite increased exercise in most cases, you will tend to get overweight anyway, which might eventually lead to illness.

There is a new standard of eating emerging, and it’s about eating in a Nutrient Rich way, which means eating better, not less. Ultimately, by eating foods with a high nutritional content, you’ll end up eating less, not because you’re on a diet, but because you’re nutritional needs have been met. And, subsequently, your body feels satiated.

At a time when dieting is at an all time high, the rates of overweight and obesity are increasing amongst children as well as adults, and for the first time in decades the age of death is declining due to the complications of obesity. It’s clear that we don’t need another dieting scheme based on some obscure or isolated fact that leaves us eating less of the same standard western diet. We need to get clear on this new standard of eating.

    The weight loss industry grows by 6% a year,

… at virtually the same pace as the increase in obesity which is about 6% per year. Look around! It’s true, we’re fat and it doesn’t need to be this way.
You don’t have be dealing with the overweight condition. You don’t have to be slated for a diet programs, pills and powders and a 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or 60’s mired down in dealing with high cholesterol, hypertension, heart disease, heroic efforts at dieting or exercise or a future on pharmaceuticals.

When you make one fundamental shift in the way you live, and that is eating predominantly Nutrient Rich foods in great tasting ways, you’re health will improve dramatically. The number of health problems we in westernized societies experience, that would be solved is a long list; let’s just say you will get better results for now.

    It’s time we get off of our diets,

… and start eating Nutrient Rich. It’s time we revolutionize the quality of the food we eat and simplify our lives so we’re not all caught up in the rituals of nutrient oor foods, dieting and dealing with the consequences. If you want to lose weight, and get healthy, it starts with eating nutrient rich foods that meet our needs to succeed; dealing with weight issues is a whole lot simpler from this place.

John Allen Mollenhauer is certified fitness trainer, lifestyle coach and founder of He is also the author of The Nutrient Rich Revolution, Eat Better, Not Less – on the Internet at He is committed to sharing the most practical lifestyle and fitness success strategies available, with people all over the world. You can contact John Allen at [email protected]

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