Atkins revamps business strategy and confuses people more

Now that the low carb diet revolution is fading, Atkins the leading proponent of the disastrous low carb lifestyle, is leveraging another misleading, albeit “somewhat” helpful tool, the glycemic index, to get you to do more of the same… be a good dieter, for life.

See the Atkins Business Strategy here.

Do you understand that this has nothing to do with your health! It’s all about business and delivering what you think you want, weight loss?

Yes you want weight loss, but not at the expense of your health, and eating a low carb diet is a trick method that works for weight loss but compromises your health.

Why eat low carb, even shrouded in a Nutrient Rich wrapper, when you can just eat Nutrient Rich, and lose the need for dieting.

The Glycemic index is not a great tool either
and is only really helpful when you eat a predominantly nutrient poor diet. It’s another diet trap, something to keep you busy, dieting!

A banana is supposed to raise your blood sugar, for fuel, but it does not hurt your body, unlike a twinkie.

A banana is a high glycemic indext food, a perfect example of how articles like this, that will confuse you. Real food carbohydrates are different!

Move beyond the Glycemic index, and get real, start eating Nutrient Rich.
If you want to follow charts, then take a glance every once and a while at the Nutrient Density Chart and you’ll be using your time and your health wisely.

You’ll get the chart when you join the Nutrient Rich Revolution. It’s the single most powerful nutritional tool ever published.

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