Diets are designed to fail because they’re designed to end!

Are you hearing me?

This is the hard cold truth! Problem is, most diets end because what you’re doing to lose weight is not how you would want to live for the rest of your life! Who want’s to eat low calorie, low fat, or low carb for the rest of their life? Healthy diet? Not.

If you think eating healthy is about manipulating your food to lose weight, you had better take a look at the quality of food you’re eating.

Health facts, weight loss is the result of eating a diet that you enjoy that promotes your health. If you have been reading this blog for some time, you know I’m talking about eating nutrient poor food, eating less of it to lose weight, and then, exercising more to burn off the calories from over consuming which is what eating nutrient poor and eating less of it, ultimately leads too… eating more!

The way to break out of this pattern is to eat better, not less, and then you don’t have to eat less anymore (dieting), and can live normally and naturally, eating successfully.

Wow that was a tongue twister!

Eat Nutrient Rich, a diet of your design, that you’ll enjoy, that’s not designed to end but be your way of life for the rest of your life.

Your personal health and nutrition must be rich! Rich in nutrients. When your family eats this way, you’ll have healthy kids eating whole foods, because you do. Womens health, mens health, it doesn’t matter, Nutrient Rich is the only way to eat for better quality of life, completely free of dieting.

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