Do You Have a Nutrient Rich Body? Here Are 10 Simple Ways to Know If You Don’t…

Do You Have a Nutrient-Rich Body?

This article discusses ten simple ways to know if you don’t yet have a nutrient-rich, healthy body and what you need to do to develop one.

Many of us do not get all the nutrients the body needs to stay healthy. Our diets can be overwhelmed with calories – protein, carbohydrate and fat, and the wrong sources for all three, which are lacking in the essential vitamins and minerals, fiber and phytochemicals we need for the body to function right.

Yes, you read that right, the body does not function right, if you don’t have a body rich with immune system-supporting, detoxifying and hunger-satisfying micro-nutrients, which are not present in any significant amount in animal products and refined foods.

Most of us are consuming foods that have few positive benefits to health and have many negative consequences, even though they may promote rapid growth, and taste satisfaction.

The question is, how do we know if we are getting all the nutrients we need?

These ten circumstances will let you know that your body is nutrient poor and not getting all of it’s nutrient needs met — those nutrients that you are aware of, aren’t aware of, and have yet to be discovered, resulting in an overall state of health is low.

An annual visit to the nutritionally-oriented doctor who focuses on natural methods, for an overall health check can also help you determine where on the scale of health you are at.

10 Ways To Know If You DO NOT Have a Nutrient Rich Body

  1. You are hungry all the time, even after you are full.
  2. You are getting headaches and other symptoms when you don’t eat, for more than a short period of time, maybe a few hours.
  3. Strong cravings are the reason you are eating.
  4. Unless you are eating animal protein, regularly, you feel weak and foggy.
  5. You are eating more than 10-20% of your calories from animal and refined foods, and only small amounts of produce.
  6. You have to eat 3-5 times per days or else you don’t feel good.
  7. If you need to eat breakfast the minute you wake up, due to reasons other than *true hunger, you know don’t have a nutrient-rich body.
  8. You are getting sick regularly, with strong, longer-lasting colds, the flu, etc.
  9. You know you don’t have a nutrient-rich body, if the minute you eat a carbohydrate, natural or not, you gain weight.
  10. You react with weird faces when you see someone drinking a green smoothie!

* A pleasurable sensation that is experienced in the throat and mouth.

If you are experiencing any of the above, your body is nutrient poor.  Period.

What do you need to do to develop a nutrient rich body? It’s simple, you need to make the Switch to Rich – nutrient rich healthy eating that is optimized for nutrient density, variety, volume and great taste, free of addictive substances, so that you can eat the right amount of calories for you, when you are hungry; and be so satisfied, you are able escape the diet traps forever!

Building a nutrient-rich body, means the end of the vicious cycle of eating nutrient poor, dieting, weight gain and long-term health issues!

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