Four Reasons Why You Want To Try The Lightest and Most Nutrient-Rich Meal Replacement Available For Natural Weight Loss

Like any way of eating, when you make the Switch to nutrient rich, there are things that get easier, and some things that will get a little more challenging, (at least at the start).

For example…

If you are coming off of a weight loss-only diet, where you are almost inevitably, eating some form of a low-carbohydrate, high-animal protein diet (this is the most common form of weight loss regimen there is) making the Switch can be tricky at first. I say this because for the first time your once nutrient-depleted body will be getting it’s nutrient needs met. And, this can have effects that are at once positive, but seemingly contrary to what’s desired. This is especially true if one does not know how to make the Switch to Rich and how to structure the way they eat, so that it’s balanced for optimal nutrient intake, but doesn’t promote excess calories or; if he has not yet fully embraced the whole idea of eating “nutrient rich.”

Believe it or not, overeating is the #1 problem for people with a healthy eating style. This is the reason why we promote “nutrient-rich” healthy eating, and not what most people think of as being “healthy.” It is possible to gain weight either by eating foods that people “think are healthy,” or by eating too much nutrient-rich food, if a person is not seeking to optimize his/her diet for nutrient density, volume, variety and great taste, free of addictive substances, so it can be eaten as close to the right amount of calories as necessary.

For the person eating nutrient rich, it’s easy to rationalize that because you are now eating “nutrient rich” or “healthy” you can continue eating when you are not hungry, and it won’t have an effect. It will, especially after you’ve been eating the nutrient-rich way for a while.

This is one of the main reasons why I came to the idea of the “light” meal replacement. Most people consume meal replacements, otherwise known as “protein powders.” That is a completely different product from what we offer at Many people think in terms of “protein,” and seek out protein as the number one ingredient in any meal replacement powder, and therefore they just refer to a meal replacement powder as a protein shake.

The product sold here is not sold as a protein powder, even though it is rich in amino acids. This is because, as a whole food, live juice powder, the protein was never isolated or taken out. Rather, it is sold as what it truly is–a light meal replacement.

There are four primary reasons why someone would want to eat a light meal replacement like ours:

  1. They don’t have time to prepare, eat out, or even whip up a quick meal. As you will read below, a light meal replacement takes little to no time to prepare, and it provides you with just enough food, without making you feel too full. It is a very satisfying way to fill up when you are on the go.
  2. They don’t really need a whole meal, or want to eat a nutrient-rich food with significant amounts of fiber that they will need spend time digesting, at a time when all they really want is a simple nutrient infusion to top off their body’s micronutrient needs. (If a person is already eating nutrient rich, there are times when this is the case because they prefer to wait until they are truly hungry for another full meal. You’ll learn a lot about this in Lose Weight the Nutrient Rich Way, which explains what you need to know if you’re going to lose weight, while getting all your nutrient needs met, and are no longer depleting yourself, the way most people do when they are dieting.)
  3. I also sought out the lightest most nutrient-rich meal replacements possible to help people who are not yet eating nutrient rich, start infusing their bodies with nutrients, immediately, in an enjoyable way. Doing so will help them make immediate headway in their nutrition transitions because detoxification will start quickly. It takes powerful phytonutrients, like the ones in our light meal replacement, Living Feast, for that to happen.
  4. For people who are already eating nutrient rich, it can sometimes be beneficial to eat the lightest most nutrient-rich meal replacements possible to prevent overeating, especially when stress is high, and they are driven to eat for coping purposes. A light meal replacement can really help in this case, and keep a person in tune with the cycles for eating and fasting.

So here’s a great recipe for a light meal replacement:

  • Approximately 15 oz. of water, or even better, coconut water (which adds texture, and has 80-90 calories)
  • 1 Scoop of Living Feast (38 Calories) with or without any of the naturally flavored, nutrient-rich Organic Greens.— Living Barley, Wheat Grass, or Alfalfa Leaf. (7 calories each, and includes more protein) Here’s what others are saying about these products.
  • Optional – 1 tbsp. of Chia Seeds, (60 calories). These make the shake thicker. FYI, Living Feast includes a Super Seeds mixture, but I like to add in some extra seeds, not necessarily for nutritional reasons, since I’m already getting them in what I am eating, but because they gelatinize in water. When combined with coconut water, Chia Seeds help make the shake even thicker.
  • So, this drink can have between 45-195 calories, depending on whether or not you use coconut water, and the optional Chia Seeds.

So, that’s it. This meal takes almost no time to make–about a minute. It doesn’t require juicing or blending. It is a great way to eat, too–if you are in a pinch for time. I keep Living Feast with me all the times. And, while Living Feast is the friendliest to the transitioning palate, all of our organic greens, fruits and berries, and veggies and greens products taste great. I really think you will really like Living Feast, which is why I have included a sample jar of it in your purchase of The Nutrient Rich Healthy Eating Plan.

If you have already made the Switch to Rich, the low-calorie light meal replacement shake, mentioned above, even if made in water, will keep you satiated for hours.

Please keep in mind that the benefits of a light meal replacement, like Living Feast, are predicated on the fact that you have either already made the Switch, or are in the process of making it. The longer you’ve been eating nutrient rich, the less and less food you will need to be satisfied, and the more apt you will be to enjoy a great-tasting nutrient-rich light meal replacement, like Living Feast.


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