Do You know How to Lose Weight?


Lose 30 pounds in 30 days!”

“Eat as much as you want and still lose weight!”

“Try the thigh buster and lose inches fast!”

Have you heard these claims before? Every year millions of people in America try to lose weight, and most fail. We are constantly bombarded with advice about dieting and the latest slimming fads.It can be hard to know what to believe. Researchers say a lot of the things people think they know about losing weight are actually wrong.

Even celebrities who can afford the best personal trainers, nutritionists, doctors, therapists and private chefs are susceptible to diet gimmicks. And when “Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence says that by Hollywood standards she’s “obese,” something’s wrong.

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People across America are weight- crazed, “They’re like ‘Get me to where I need to be [weight-wise] at all costs.’ These so called Diet fads (fat-free & low-fat) which you keep hearing are often cycled back around about once every 10 or 12 years. Long enough for people to try them see that it doesn’t work, forget that it doesn’t work, and then try it all over again. Often times these diets are just repackages with different names, that’s all.

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The only way to lose weight, in a healthy and sustainable manner, is not to focus on weight loss-only methods. But establish an eating style that delivers all 7 of The Success Results in a progressive fashion, guided by The Golden Rules of Healthy Eating. And that style is eating 90% or More Plant -Based Nutrient Rich which enable your body to detoxify, lose weight naturally(without dieting) and dramatically improve your health at a level high enough to reverse prior lifestyle-induced diseases; like the overweight condition itself, diabetes, heart disease and even the progression and reversal of and nr

But up until now, most of us have been eating in a nutrient-poor way that toxifies our bodies and overwhelms them with calories. A nutrient-poor eating style does not contain enough micronutrients for your body to detoxify and function efficiently to begin with, and constantly toxifies the body more to boot. This increases the hunger drive despite plenty of calories, while keeping you trapped in the vicious cycle of eating the nutrient-poor foods that cause the overweight condition, which by the way is not just a cosmetic issue, but is actually the start of the disease process.

So ask Yourself, Do You Know How to Lose Weight


Is your eating style getting you stuck in the vicious cycle, where you are manipulating the calorie-containing carbohydrates, protein and fat, and exercising more yet unable to lose or keep the weight off.

The only way out of this cycle is to start eating nutrient rich superfoods.

Nutrient-rich superfoods provide virtually all the nutrients your body needs to function properly with the exception of those nutrients that don’t come directly from food and you’ll get through other sources such as the sun and supplementation. If you meet those needs with the healthy eating style you are learning about as part of a lifestyle that supports you, including enough exercise and activity, you will lose weight the Nutrient Rich Way, and will be able to better achieve your goals. Losing Weight the Nutrient Rich Way is the successful way to lose weight by eating genuinely great-tasting, healthy foods, which meet all your body’s nutrient needs, without promoting an over consumption of calories and then letting your body use what you consume.

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By eating nutrient-rich foods and meals that meet all your nutrient needs 90% or more of the time, you will live free from the heightened withdrawal symptoms caused by toxic food substances that drive you to eat more frequently. You’ll be able to go for longer periods of time between meals as you wait to get hungry and you won’t have to eat less on purpose; you will actually eat more (volume) at times, just less frequently.This means you can actually eat when you are truly hungry, when there is a genuine need for food, and according to the natural eating and fasting cycles of your body.

The easiest and most convenient way to get started for eating nutrient rich superfoods that will help you lose weight naturally and detoxify your body is by adding superfood drinks. Each of these superfoods drinks can be used as part of the ADD. CHANGE. CHALLENGE™ approach to optimizing the way you eat. With products like Rezealiant Living you to get the full nutritional power of nature when you want it, with ease. Adding these products into the way YOU eat, will help you nourish and detoxify, stabilize and strengthen your body’s immune system, and inspire you to change and improve the way you eat. This product line was built on the natural fact that our body needs so many nutrients which can only be found in their most effective form in a wide variety of fresh, nutrient dense live whole foods.


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