Nutrient Dense Approach to Weight Management

Most people go on a diet and restrict calories and don’t get the nutrients their bodies need to function well and stay healthy. In this large study, vegetarians ate 363 few calories than did all non-vegetarians and the mean BMI (Body Mass Index) for all vegetarians was 1.4 lower than the mean for all non.

Basically, Nutrient Dense diets are the “all-you-care-to-eat” versions of calorie restricting weight loss only diets, without having to restrict calories, says Michael Greger M.D.

I have been saying this for years, and I am so glad Dr. Greger is now illuminating this idea with a NutritionFacts Video.

Assuming you are eating when you are hungry, and not recreationally, eating plant based induces natural weight loss and also helps maintain healthy weight status long term, without focusing on calorie reduction.

They are the only type of diet that can be sustained long term. Not only do you lose weight but you often feel so much better, without calorie counting or portion control. You also burn more calories in their sleep, burning up to as much as 25% of calories in the process of digestion.

Having said that, most Vegetarian’s are still overweight because of the the various foods that they eat, which are still nutrient poor –  eggs and dairy… proving the point that meatless diets alone don’t guarantee optimal health and living at or near your ideal weight.

As we’ve seen before the only dietary patterns associated with ideal body weight is a diet closer to 100% plant based diet, which is why here at Nutrient Rich, if you don’t want to eat Vegan, eating up to 90% or More Plant Based Nutrient Rich and optimizing that 90%, will get the same results or better.

Here’s a video explaining this study of over 13,000 people. In this case, vegetarians and non vegetarians alone; not even talking about Nutrient Rich Superfood Eaters, or “Superfoodies”. Can you imagine what the health results would be if we were talking about Superfoodies or Nutritarians?

Have a watch of this video on the nutrient dense approach to weight management.

Nutrient Dense

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