Forget You Have a Stomach

This guy can't forget he has a stomach, he's too full

This was one of the most amazing quotes from Dr Fuhrman of the whole week at the DrFuhrman Health Getaway. I don’t mean to say that there weren’t more intelligent sounding teachings throughout the week – too many to mention – but this seeming ridiculous statement was one of the most profound.

Forget You Have a Stomach” – Joel Fuhrman M.D.

It’s simple.

Right now you can’t feel your kidneys, your spleen, or your bowels. When you finish eating, you want to not feel your stomach.

Again, it’s simple.

If you can feel your stomach after you’ve eaten, you have eaten too much!

Now don’t be an idealist with this, but get the point. We are almost always over eating and when eating nutrient rich, this is THE point.

Eating Nutrient Rich you must pay attention to how your body feels, when hunger has shut off and your stomach is about 75% full. Before you start feeling your stomach it’s time to stop eating!

This may be the most challenging concept in eating period.  But especially when eating nutrient rich, because you’re nutritional needs are met so fast because of the quality of the food.

There is much that goes into being able to eat when you are hungry and stopping when you are slightly full. It’s simple. Really it’s very simple, but for many it’s not very easy.

Believe me, I have been eating nutrient rich for 20 years and I still have challenges with stopping when I’m no longer hungry.

We will be talking more about this exercise with food, as we progress together.

And we will master this exercise together!

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