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Here at Nutrient Rich Life, we are on a mission to make healthy eating easier than it’s ever been before… by first helping you understand the most successful way to eat in a way that works for you. Second, by helping you fuel your body right during the busiest parts of your day – pre workout, post workout and more with on-the-go, organic, non-gmo natural products that meet the nutrient-rich standard. And three, by making sure that you understand how to eat healthy as part of an overall performance lifestyle.

As a lifestyle nutrition company, the food products we create take into consideration the dynamics, demands and preferences of today’s modern family so that we deliver successful food and meal solutions that fit your fully-engaged, busy life, without having to compromise great taste, your health or convenience.

Too many people today, even those that are super-educated about nutrition, don’t have access to the “superfoods” that deliver the results everybody wants and resort to compromised nutrient-poor foods, especially when they don’t have time to sit down for a meal..

We wanted a guaranteed way, everyday, for people to get at least 3-4 servings of nutrient-rich, fiber-rich, calorie-appropriate fruits and vegetables, omega-3 and also protein-rich seeds, and the essential supplementation that everyone needs to be taking such as Vitamin D (more important than you realize due to lack of daily sun) and B12. There is 100% of these daily values in both in every one of our products.

We also wanted all Nutrient Rich® products to be super convenient, credibly healthy and great-tasting and last but not least we wanted people to learn how to eat as part of a lifestyle supports healthy performance.

We have done it!

These organic superfood smoothies make healthy eating easier than ever before and deliver in every way. 

All of our sample recipients to date have confirmed that when you are squeezed for time and energy and prone to unhealthy eating practices, pre workout or in the car, on a bike, in a race of any kind (there are many kinds of races these days), in between meetings and more; our superfood squeeze packs or “organic superfood smoothies” are ideal for healthy fueling.

This is what happens to your body when your eat Nutrient Rich!
This is what happens to your body when your eat Nutrient Rich!

What we also know is that because they are nutrient-rich, they nourish and detoxify your body, stabilize and strengthen your immune system and ultimately optimize the way you eat when you shop, prepare, sit down and eat, and even eat out. They simply get you in the mode of making better choices, because you start to prefer better quality nutrient-rich foods instead of those that are nutrient-poor and don’t meet your needs.

The whole idea of fuel your body or be fueled, is based on the simple idea that very much like a car, our bodies require organic food energy to operate optimally (like premium fuel), no differently than we need the vital energy or “life force” that organically infuses our body every night when we sleep.

When you are fuel your body in the right way by eating more plant-based, nutrient-rich foods that provide the nutrients your body needs, no significant amount of what your body does not need and you eat these foods in as close to their natural state as possible; with a little nutrition education, you can develop the ideal eating style for you.

Nutrient Rich’s Superfood “NRg” Infusions can then become a key part of the way you eat, ensuring that you fuel your body right during those times of the day when it’s prohibitive to sit down for a nutrient-rich meal. You want high performance, and you don’t want to overload your body with food; let alone unhealthy nutrient poor food.



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